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About the Story:
Sometimes being bitchy is funny...

When Petra and Jack meet at the wedding of his brother and her sister, they agree that sarcasm, alcohol, and sex just might make the event bearable.

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AVAILABLE NOW: "Revenge is Best Served Hot"


"Revenge is Best Served Hot" is now available on Amazon Kindle!  Click HERE to buy your copy today!

About the Story:

KC Pennington left her hometown after high school and swore never to return.  Her nemesis, Lincoln Rothchild, realized too late how wrong he’d been to torment her.

Now, seven years later, Lincoln can no longer bear the guilt of the cruelty he and his friends visited on the gentle brainiac and he uses all his resources to track her down.

KC goes by Kiriana now and that isn’t the only thing that’s changed...

She’s grown up in more ways than one and when she makes him a dark proposal to atone for his sins, he can’t say no.  She will punish him but she will not permanently harm him.  At the end of three days, he will be free to go with her forgiveness.  As she wraps him in pleasure and pain he isn’t certain he will ever have the will to leave.

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The Next Big Thing...

Ten Interview Questions

What is the working title of your book?
The Playground - Part One "Command" (three novella series)

Where did the idea come from for the book?
I have a personal interest in the topic of D/s – it is a recurring theme in a lot of my work.  Also, my followers seem to really enjoy it...I don't feel like such a kink-meister, out there in the land of kink all by myself.

What genre does your book fall under?
Erotic Fiction, Erotica, Adult Fiction, Sensual Romance

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
This is difficult for me.  I don't watch television so...ugh, I don't know the names of actors well.  Let me give it a shot...I'm only going to list the main characters from "Command" though.  You'll have to wait and see who features in "Bound" and "Submit".  

Kikiama "Kiki" Espinoza - Meng Qian
Craig LeBlanc - Alexander Skarsgard
Draven Michaels - Joe Manganiello
Misery - Giulia Siegel
Tina - Teresa Palmer

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Everyone has fun at The Playground.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
Self-published on Amazon Kindle.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
First draft took about 1-2 days for each section, a total of 12 days with edits.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Well, the knee-jerk response would be “50 Shades of Grey” but since I couldn’t stand that book and felt it had little to do with a true D/s relationship, I’d have to say it is closer to a Lora Leigh “Pleasure” book or perhaps Maya Banks' "Sweet Temptations". 

Who or What inspired you to write this book?
It came to me when was polishing my dining room table.  Dropped everything and went to jot down my notes. 

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
As usual, this isn’t ‘smut’ though the potential is always there in any erotic story.  It is about acceptance and understanding…maybe finding that person who matches you like a missing puzzle piece.

Five Authors I Love...and You Should Too!
  1. MargieChurch
  2. NichelleGregory
  3. BenjaminRussell
  4. MichelPrince
  5. RueVolley


"Ready to Rumble" Officially a Hit!


The first promotion went so well, I've decided to extend your chance to get your FREE COPY for this weekend only!  Click HERE for yours!

Another successful promo!  Almost 1500 downloads of my novella, "Ready to Rumble" in the 2.5 days it was live.  I made it to #9 in the Kindle erotica genre so I'm happy.  The story is now back to regular price on Amazon.  Thank you to each and every one of you who downloaded, "liked", and to those who left me a review.  

Brief Synopsis: Demitria Stavos has been secretly in love with her father’s star performer, Nikolai “Granite” Petrov for years. She has an international reputation as a party girl and he doesn’t even notice she’s alive.

When they’re thrown together on a promotional tour for the Stavos’ professional wrestling entertainment company, each may have finally met their match.


A sneak peek of Shayne's upcoming vampire erotica novella "Revenge is Best Served Hot".

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A Few More Random Facts About Shayne

By request, here are a few more answers followers had about me personally:
  • I'm definitely a coffee drinker though I refuse to spend a ridiculous amount of money on it.  I buy cheap and flavor it myself with spices. 
  • My best friend’s name is Sarah.  I named the character in my book “In the Service of Women” after her since she’s my closest female friend and I absolutely love her.
  • The last person I spoke to on the phone was my ex-husband (and closest male friend), Jon.  
  • My favorite underthings are geared more toward comfort than seduction (though I have those as well).  Boy shorts and sports bras make more sense when you sit in a house working alone all day. 
  • When I write, I can’t listen to music with too many words.  Therefore, I tend to choose Sade, Enigma, and various classical selections (no, I know nothing about it – I just know what I like) on Pandora.
  • The first thing I notice about people is their attitude.  Does their posture scream “keep away” or do they seem open and friendly?  Since I’m the latter – and have never met a stranger – I actually gravitate toward the former, pulling them out of their grumps and making them smile.  Drives my family NUTS.
  • My favorite holiday is Mother’s Day.  It is my single greatest accomplishment, no matter what else I manage to do in my life.  My teens are incredible.
  • I prefer dark chocolate (if I eat it at all) but my favorite snack is sliced fruit and cheese.
  • I just finished ALL of Robin Schone’s books (again) and am now reading Emma Holly’s “Strange Attractions” for the 3rd time.  When I’m working (ie: last 5 months) I choose books I’ve already read so I can walk away from it.  Otherwise, I’d sit and read it straight through. 
  • No.  I’m not shy in the slightest.  I tend to blush (violently) but only because either a thought that flies through my head or something I said out loud smacks me after the fact.  However, I rarely regret it. 
  • My favorite flowers if purchased are Gerber daisies or mums.
  • Yes.  I was telling the truth when I mentioned I’m well-versed in the mechanics and use of firearms.  I’ve been around guns since I was little and was taught to respect them but know them.
  • Only my ears are pierced and I have one small tribal tattoo on my sternum.


"Somebody" Promo a Success!

For 5 days, I promoted my story "Somebody" on Amazon Kindle by offering a free download.  

Almost 2,500 people downloaded (and hopefully read) my work and I could not be more thrilled with how that turned out!

The Plot:
Aubrey Price has been in love with Elliot McAllister most of her life.  Working for his family company, watching him run wild with other women, she knows there is more to him than the gorgeous and successful playboy he portrays to the world. That he’s a man worthy of her love and respect.

Not that she has any business even thinking about him in regards to love…

If you read it - will you please LEAVE ME A REVIEW?  More cool promotions coming soon!

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Hello, darlings!  I added all the links to follow me - they now appear (huge) on the left side.  I also added the Amazon Kindle link pages to my novels.  Click on any of the book photos or icons and you'll zip right over.

In the meantime, I hope you SUBSCRIBE to my blog so you'll get updates on promotional stuff.  I'm also setting up a contest site for FREE stuff.  

I'm beginning a "Dear Good Girl" portion of my blog where I'll be taking questions or problems from a follower (submitted anonymously on Tumblr - which can hopefully be done whether you have an account or not) and posting my answer.  You can also submit them to me via email - and no, I won't ever harass you.  

Eventually, this will be the material for my podcast.  *wink*

Yes.  In answer to several requests, I'm working to compile content, record without freaking out, and will post the results on YouTube.  

I'm going to be doing press releases and promotions to get my followers and my sales up.  I think you're going to have a lot of fun.  I'm glad you're with me!

Much love,