The rumble of the engine in park
The smell of leather and cum
Music playing on the radio
My hand in my panties, so damp - so hot

Waiting for direction from you
Sitting beside me, watching me
The intensity of your gaze is searing
A smug smile on your face at my need

I am moaning...my wetness extreme
Wanting you deep inside me, filling me completely
Needing the closeness and the heat
Of the cock that is mine alone to enjoy

I grind against my hand, rolling my hips
Clenching inner muscles tight as you've asked
Circling damp lips and clit, sliding fingers inside
My own touch never enough anymore

I climb the console and straddle you, pulling you deep
Savoring the feel and throb of you inside me
My hands on your shoulders, my head thrown back
My knees clamped firmly against your ass

My pumping on your beautiful cock getting faster
You are breathing deeply now, head resting on the seat
Your fingers dig into my hips, entering me harder
Only when we cum together can we drive

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