Who the Fuck are You?

So I am out of the norm
I play by my own rules
Never giving a shit what you think

Does that seem strange to you?
Do you feel you are superior?
Do you think that will make me care?

Who the fuck are you?

When I want something
I take it, or find a viable substitute
There is no need to pretend

Do I seem like a whore to you?
Are you saintly in comparison?
Should I feel ashamed?

Who the fuck are you?

I am who I am
A woman who knows what she wants
With every tool to get it

Do you really want to be me?
Are you tired of being hypocritical?
Are you hiding your true self?

Just who the fuck are you anyway?



The rumble of the engine in park
The smell of leather and cum
Music playing on the radio
My hand in my panties, so damp - so hot

Waiting for direction from you
Sitting beside me, watching me
The intensity of your gaze is searing
A smug smile on your face at my need

I am moaning...my wetness extreme
Wanting you deep inside me, filling me completely
Needing the closeness and the heat
Of the cock that is mine alone to enjoy

I grind against my hand, rolling my hips
Clenching inner muscles tight as you've asked
Circling damp lips and clit, sliding fingers inside
My own touch never enough anymore

I climb the console and straddle you, pulling you deep
Savoring the feel and throb of you inside me
My hands on your shoulders, my head thrown back
My knees clamped firmly against your ass

My pumping on your beautiful cock getting faster
You are breathing deeply now, head resting on the seat
Your fingers dig into my hips, entering me harder
Only when we cum together can we drive



Not learning French (or Italian)
Not making time for my friends
Being unable to bake a cake from scratch
Pretending to be okay when I’m not
Never hiking the Appalachian Trail
Each time I haven't said what I really should have
Cutting off my hair for convenience
Taking up smoking
Getting married too young
Always being the responsible one
Gaining weight without noticing
Not learning to play an instrument
Settling for less than I wanted and deserved
Keeping the peace, giving up, or giving in
Forgetting that I was a woman before all else


Wet Panties

The wetness of me
The scent of me

You want them
You'll get them

Guided fantasy
Making me cum

Your voice
Your desires

No inhibitions
No end to pleasure

For you alone
Wet panties


Do What You Do

Watching you above me
Makes me want to smile
You're not in any hurry
We'll be here for a while

You look so serious right now
This isn't a game to you
I try to act the same for your sake
There's nothing I can do

I realize how much you love me
I can see it in your eyes
And I like you a lot
Especially between my thighs

But love? Not a chance
Its not part of my plan
I have needs and wants
Right now that means a man

Tomorrow I might be different
I can't say for sure
Can't we live in the moment?
Why does it have to be more?

I'll worry about it later
Since I know for you I should
Right now, keep doing what you're doing
Cause damn that feels so good