Sweet Reminiscence

The mirrors sparkle around the cavernous room
The glass is cold where my back is pressed against it, but I'm so warm
I watch your reflection on the opposite wall with hooded eyes
Your ass and legs flexing with each strong pump into me

One arm is pinned above me, legs circling your back
Your head resting between my breasts, one hand clutching my thigh
Sweat slicks our bodies, your back glistens in the candlelight
Your breath is hot against me, making me moan

You slow your thrusts and I feel every - single - inch of you
Gliding smoothly in and out because of how wet you've made me
I clench my pelvic muscles, trying to keep you inside
You tease me with shorter movements, but I beg

There is a tightening throughout my body, and building heat
I squeeze you tighter to me, wanting all of you
You grant my wish, pulling me closer, burrowing your face in my neck
Grinding your thighs against my ass with each stroke

A groan escapes you and I demand your mouth on mine
Your mouth is bruising as your teeth scrape against my lips
I'm coming as you move to latch onto a hardened nipple and suck
You drag out my orgasm with another minute of thrusts before joining me

I stay wrapped around your body, feeling our mingled fluids drip to the floor
You're exhausted but not letting me go, breathing deep as your heart slows
You wrap both arms around my waist and back to carry me to the bed
Still joined, I feel you begin to harden as a wicked light fills your eyes...ready?


Welcome To The Neighborhood

If you’re a man who buys what you want
I don’t give it away for free
You know I have what you’re looking for
It’ll be just between you and me

There is plenty I can do to you
I am sure to make you scream
I just don't stop 'til the job is done
I’m the cat who eats the cream

Think about it…long and hard
Before your decision is made
Once you go, the offer is gone
You’ll wish you would’ve stayed

A woman like me is hard to find
Who loves what men like best
I have a gift for blowing you
Just put me to the test

I suck…I lick…I nibble
The rhythm is just right
And if you let me feast on you
I’m liable to go all night

Come to the hottest spot in town
You’ll keep coming back for more
I may not be a Stepford wife
But I’m a pretty talented whore


Amazing How You Did That

Saw the paper this morning
There you were on page three
And right beside the story
Was a picture of you and me

Are you proud of what you've done?
Think I'll choke on sadness?
You couldn't have been more wrong
I'm a pro at sex and madness

Take your multitude of problems
With you to the grave
I have plenty of my own
Got my sanity to save

Though I must admit at last
You gave me quite the fuckin' ride
Your life I touched and then derailed
Vulnerabilities never hide

Believe it or not, I tried to call
Got your machine time after time
And now you're gone for good
Guess I really blew your mind

I knew from the first you were fragile
The damage I could do
But you got the last word after all
The bloodiest "FUCK YOU"


grasping for normalcy

a cigarette cough
and I struggle
to find the thread
I dropped
so very long ago
on the razor's edge
trying not to fall
looking over my shoulder
fully aware
of what waits for me
lurking, pulsing
in the shadows
needing a handhold
drinking myself numb
wishing it worked
feeling my breath drift away
and back again
grasping for normalcy
with slippery hands


It Pisses Me Off!

*Politicians who abuse their power...and us allowing it
*Politicians that want to make a difference...and us not allowing it
*Cops that pretend to believe in equality
*Cops who are stereotyped because of asshole cops
*Teachers who are just earning a paycheck
*Teachers who are barely earning a paycheck, but show up anyway
*Racists who think we should all be like them
*Being lumped in with stupid rednecks because I'm white and country
*Women who don't think they're worth shit
*Men who think they are the shit - and won't believe otherwise
*Infertility clinics - do you people KNOW how many kids need a home?
*Shitty adoptive/foster homes - you give us all a bad name
*Wealthy people who do nothing constructive with their money
*Poor people who do nothing to change where they are in life
*Right wing religious groups who want control of MY life...
*Bizarre religious groups who prey on the simple and impressionable
*So many wanting to change the world, but not sure where to start
*So many in a position to make change, but it doesn't advance their agenda

Speak up!
Stop taking what is given
Take what you deserve!
And for those of you out there...
You know who the hell you are...
Who don't want change
Who don't want equality
Who don't want "right" to rule?
Come out of the dark ages or FUCK OFF!