Amazing How You Did That

Saw the paper this morning
There you were on page three
And right beside the story
Was a picture of you and me

Are you proud of what you've done?
Think I'll choke on sadness?
You couldn't have been more wrong
I'm a pro at sex and madness

Take your multitude of problems
With you to the grave
I have plenty of my own
Got my sanity to save

Though I must admit at last
You gave me quite the fuckin' ride
Your life I touched and then derailed
Vulnerabilities never hide

Believe it or not, I tried to call
Got your machine time after time
And now you're gone for good
Guess I really blew your mind

I knew from the first you were fragile
The damage I could do
But you got the last word after all
The bloodiest "FUCK YOU"

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