It Pisses Me Off!

*Politicians who abuse their power...and us allowing it
*Politicians that want to make a difference...and us not allowing it
*Cops that pretend to believe in equality
*Cops who are stereotyped because of asshole cops
*Teachers who are just earning a paycheck
*Teachers who are barely earning a paycheck, but show up anyway
*Racists who think we should all be like them
*Being lumped in with stupid rednecks because I'm white and country
*Women who don't think they're worth shit
*Men who think they are the shit - and won't believe otherwise
*Infertility clinics - do you people KNOW how many kids need a home?
*Shitty adoptive/foster homes - you give us all a bad name
*Wealthy people who do nothing constructive with their money
*Poor people who do nothing to change where they are in life
*Right wing religious groups who want control of MY life...
*Bizarre religious groups who prey on the simple and impressionable
*So many wanting to change the world, but not sure where to start
*So many in a position to make change, but it doesn't advance their agenda

Speak up!
Stop taking what is given
Take what you deserve!
And for those of you out there...
You know who the hell you are...
Who don't want change
Who don't want equality
Who don't want "right" to rule?
Come out of the dark ages or FUCK OFF!

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