Nasty is as nasty does
I believe this to be true
I've always been a bad girl
What am I supposed to do?

How can I resist the urge?
When I have such useful talents
I try to control my naughtiness
Working hard to keep it balanced

I focus on satisfaction
I'll bring you fucking joy
Your body does delight me
I don't even need a toy

The smell, the taste, the feel
Your skin, your sweat, your come
I'm lonely and I need you
Won't you let me sample some?


Can You Take It?

I want you sweating
Pumping between my thighs
Your only desire to fuck me
Until I can't take any more

I will happily build you up
Let you see how good it can be
How pleasurable for two people
Who really want to FUCK hard and often

I will make it my mission to please you
To tease you, show you how much
I want that lovely cock in every part of my body
As long as you can take it


Kind of Funny

The pavement is cold beneath my feet
Exhausted and afraid
Been too long since I got to eat
But not since I got laid

The leaving was still worth it
Even considering the hell I'm in
I continue to feel his perverted kiss
Though I supposedly live in sin

Mother, the bitch, knew all along
Her own sacrificial lamb
His appetites were never "wrong"
She knows thats why I ran

Father, dear, you're the lucky one
The winner beyond a doubt
What if I had been a son...
Would your dick be in my mouth?

All of you can go to hell
I actually find it kind o' funny
Cause no matter how bad it gets out here
I'd rather get fucked for money


The Dream

I had the dream last night...
The one that wakes me up in a hot sweat
A yearning that I cannot satisfy
One that I pretend does not exist

The feeling of your hands against me
Pulling me into your embrace
Holding me against the wall
Lifting me and sliding me down onto you

Veins are pronounced in your forearms
As you guide my pleasure
My head falling back, tense
Feeling a pressure build inside me

You hold me roughly
But I am not a porcelain doll
I like the feeling of uncertainty
In how this time with you will be

There is no violence between us
Only a mutual respect of power and strength
A kinship of sexuality
Fellowship in high passion

Wanting it and needing it...
Knowing it isn't meant for us
Another time, another place
Without so many complications

But my dream is my domain
No one can censor me there
My freedom for sexual expression
Mine alone...all alone


Getting Down

When I get down, nothing gets in my way
There is no need for games, and nothing to say

I want what I want - not an if, and, or but
I won’t be satisfied ‘til you’ve busted a nut

My pussy means “pleasure” and I’m not full of shit
Lost for words? No problem - put your mouth on my tit

Come makes me happy – the more the better
Yours? Mine? It all makes me wetter

Stop fucking around, you know what I need
I’m done with explaining, its time for the deed

And when you discover all I’ve said is right
Come back anytime…I’m open all night


There are times I sit and wonder
What the fuck goes through your mind
I'm pissed off, stressed out, tired
Not wanting to deal with shit right now
Needing a break...just one goddamn break
After a day that won't let up
But the bullshit just keeps. on. coming.
I 'm not the mother of all who live here
I'm not the keeper of the fucking solutions
I'm not interested in another discussion
Because it doesn't get me anywhere
I need to know I'm not alone
That there is someone...ANYONE...there
But my needs and wants go unheard
My feelings are left to drift
In a sea of fury that grows ever higher
A sinner in a saint's body
Tired of being a martyr to every cause
Fed up with taking a back seat
In a car without a driver



She used to laugh with me
Loved me like no one else
Held me and felt pride
Allowed me to show her worth

She is no longer able to look at me
Finds no joy in my presence
Her rare laugh is hollow
Never reaching her eyes

The young girl she loved a woman now
Complete and separate
Living her life
Love becoming barren in her heart

I remind her of lost opportunities
Places she will never reach
Regrets are all she speaks of
She refuses to open herself to life

The reminders cause physical pain
What she might have been
Places she should have explored
Real men who may have loved her

There is no self respect remaining
All is bitterness and anger
Love locked away and forgotten
Peace of mind abandoning long nights

Pick up the pieces and begin again
Find the moment things went so wrong
Look in the mirror and see yourself
Find your center and walk towards light

It is never too late, Mother


Something So Innocent

A friendly chat
The occasional letter
Big hugs upon greeting

Something so innocent
While beneath the surface
A decision being made

Right or wrong
A path considered
Changes to the norm

What are the chances
The consequences
Of acts committed knowingly

Does tomorrow matter
Can today be all
Less stress for just a moment

A bit of fun
A moment in another life
A necessary friend

But no excuses
The play - the words
Are not so innocent


Stroke It

Stroke it for my pleasure
Slick and shining and perfect
The crest red and throbbing
Up to the top and down to the base

I love to watch you do it
The sheer maleness of the act
Your eyes glazing over
Nearing the point of losing control

You know what makes you happy
I can learn to do it exactly as you like
How hard…how fast…what rhythm
It gets me hot to watch

Your knuckles are white, applying pressure
Muscles clenched in expectation
Cock stiff, getting bigger…almost there
Almost there and pumping faster

Your body tightens as the moment arrives
Hand moving to the root of your dick
Coming and milking for every drop
Oh, yeah, baby…the next one is all mine

No Games

Sweet woman on the outside
Hard candy underneath
Do you know I think of you
Writhing between my sheets?

There isn't much I haven't tried
But you'd never think it true
Men, women, several at once
Would you like it to be you?

I do not take prisoners
And I never have regrets
There are things I could teach you
You've never thought of yet

Come into my parlor...
Or the kitchen...or the bed
It really makes no difference
When I get inside your head

I am getting hungry
I need a little snack
Stop running from me, baby
And come hit it from the back


She's So Perfect

As she walks towards me
I smile at her smugness
She knows who she is
What affect she has

Thrilling intellect
Sense of humor
Deep compassion
Wrapped in a smokin' body

She rarely frowns
Never gets furious (anymore)
Takes care of herself
Doesn't take shit

Likes kids and animals
Thinks sports are slammin'
Listens to hard rock
Rides a motorcycle

When I get to the mirror
I apply lipstick
Straighten my Cowboys jersey
And keep on walking



First nervousness is giving away to excitement
Strips of silk cloth binding me to the poster bed
Standing as wide as my legs will go, arms above me
Clutching at the ties for strength...it isn't helping

Kneeling at my feet running your hands along my legs
Gently up and back...again and again
Rising slightly to take possession of my nipples
Sucking and lightly biting, my head dropping back

Trailing kisses between my breasts, down my stomach
Licking a line of pure pleasure to the source of my power
Nuzzling the fine curls with your cheeks, your chin
Lost in the moment like a cat with its' favorite toy

You move to clutch my ass and draw me to you
I feel the hair on your arms against the backs of my thighs
My body is open to you, offered to you for the taking
Strong hands kneading and relaxing me from behind

When your lips kiss mine, I moan, knowing there is more
As your tongue works me, I moan, knowing there is more
As you caress my ass, I moan, knowing there is more
Even as I come, grinding against you...I know there is always more

How Long Has It Been?

I see you at the gate…
My heart begins to beat faster
Knowing that moments from now
You will be with me at last

So long since I held you
Touched you…kissed you
Watched you sleep
Felt you deep inside me

So far away from one another
Endless need to be close
Talking and writing never enough
Wanting to feel your whispers

Knowing my feelings are returned
The truth of your desire for me
Causes physical pain
An emptiness as I lie awake

The patience…the maturity of it all
Waiting as we should
While I am on fire inside
Wanting nothing more than my way

You are walking towards me
A smile bright upon your face
Bags dropping to the floor
As you pull me to you fiercely

Hands sliding into my hair
Lips hungrily tasting mine
Words mumbled between kisses
Hearts slamming in our chests

What we should do no longer matters
Responsibilities temporarily forgotten
Our need to be with each other
Overpowering…it has been too long