First nervousness is giving away to excitement
Strips of silk cloth binding me to the poster bed
Standing as wide as my legs will go, arms above me
Clutching at the ties for strength...it isn't helping

Kneeling at my feet running your hands along my legs
Gently up and back...again and again
Rising slightly to take possession of my nipples
Sucking and lightly biting, my head dropping back

Trailing kisses between my breasts, down my stomach
Licking a line of pure pleasure to the source of my power
Nuzzling the fine curls with your cheeks, your chin
Lost in the moment like a cat with its' favorite toy

You move to clutch my ass and draw me to you
I feel the hair on your arms against the backs of my thighs
My body is open to you, offered to you for the taking
Strong hands kneading and relaxing me from behind

When your lips kiss mine, I moan, knowing there is more
As your tongue works me, I moan, knowing there is more
As you caress my ass, I moan, knowing there is more
Even as I come, grinding against you...I know there is always more

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