How Long Has It Been?

I see you at the gate…
My heart begins to beat faster
Knowing that moments from now
You will be with me at last

So long since I held you
Touched you…kissed you
Watched you sleep
Felt you deep inside me

So far away from one another
Endless need to be close
Talking and writing never enough
Wanting to feel your whispers

Knowing my feelings are returned
The truth of your desire for me
Causes physical pain
An emptiness as I lie awake

The patience…the maturity of it all
Waiting as we should
While I am on fire inside
Wanting nothing more than my way

You are walking towards me
A smile bright upon your face
Bags dropping to the floor
As you pull me to you fiercely

Hands sliding into my hair
Lips hungrily tasting mine
Words mumbled between kisses
Hearts slamming in our chests

What we should do no longer matters
Responsibilities temporarily forgotten
Our need to be with each other
Overpowering…it has been too long

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