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Some people will go to great lengths to get their research. 

Riya O’Connell is working on her dissertation in Male Sexuality and decides to create a website called "The Barter System" where she requests applications from men around the country willing to participate in her research.  She eventually narrows down her thousands of submissions to eight men.

They will give her viable data, cover her expenses while in their company, and ensure she reaches her next destination safely.  In return, Riya will give them…whatever they want.   

As her project progresses, Riya realizes she’s chosen the eight men in the country who would love her well and that she could easily love in return.  Subject after subject is left behind with a small piece of her heart.  

Driven by her need to understand male sexuality, she refuses to quit no matter how difficult it becomes to keep going.  Her presence creates a ripple affect over the lives of her subjects and paths cross that might not have been possible without her. 

Finding where her heart ultimately belongs may an education she didn’t plan on.

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Life at the top isn’t all glitz and glamour.

Talented Brooke Kincaid’s life takes a turn for the better when she’s asked to join the country band Broken Bronco with the gorgeous Bradshaw brothers.  In a single moment, her struggle to care for her younger siblings after the death of their parents is a thing of the past.   

She soon realizes fame and fortune have a price like anything else.  Finding the love of her life in the last place she would have thought to look, Brooke embraces the realization of all her dreams only to have happiness ripped away in one act of brutal violence. 

Starting again and healing her heart take courage she isn’t sure she has but love has a way of finding its’ way home.

Whatever you think you know, you’re wrong…

When Sarah is recruited as a high-end call girl servicing women, she embarks on a journey of passion and self discovery that will alter her view of herself and her life. 

Initiated into a world of passion and excess, she accommodates her clients’ every carnal desire, until she learns they may need more from her than sexual release. 

After two years spent in the world’s oldest profession, she walks away from it with lessons that will change her forever and no regrets.

*Releasing on Kindle June 2012*

A collection of short stories based on country music.  

There’s an old joke about playing a country song backwards…you get your wife back, your dog back, your truck back.  Growing up in Texas and Oklahoma, I've always loved country music.   Only blues can tell a story tell a story as well.  

Yes, some of it is painfully sad...but here are a few of the ones that have touched me and whispered an entire story into my ear.  When my muse whispers, I listen...that is one crazy bitch.

Come a Little CloserJackson and Rachael were high school sweethearts and first loves.  Life sometimes gets in the way.  Jack won't lose the only woman he's ever loved without a fight.  *Offered as a free pdf with subscription.*

I'm Gonna Miss Her…Deacon isn't a man who gushes about his feelings and Tracy tries to be understanding.  He soon realizes even strong women need to hear the words in your heart.

Gone Country…Authors Katerina and Samantha are sick of the city and done with men out to use and abuse them.  Frustrated, they retreat to a small town and discover country boys who play by different rules.

Rough-N-Ready…Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere doesn't bother Monica in the least.  When Nickolas pulls up in a tow truck, she realizes she might need rescuing of a different kind.

Break Down Here…Madison runs as far and fast as she can, hoping for a miracle.  When she gets stranded in a storm, she thinks her luck has run out.  Xander shows her there are still guys in white hats, willing to help.

Who's Your Daddy…When Jeremy first meets Leah, they're both sure they can keep their relationship casual.  They both learn the heart doesn't give a damn about your plans.

All We'd Ever Need…The day Tyler walked out of her life, Robin stopped living hers.  Pride and fear will do their best to destroy the strongest love.  Love has to fight back. 

Somebody…Aubrey has been in love with Elliot most of her life.  He's gorgeous, successful, and dangerous to her heart.  He's also her boss.  A chance encounter ensures neither can ignore the attraction any longer.  

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Strawberry Wine…Charlotte and Paige thought they'd left their summer flings with Cameron and Brody years behind them.  When they get the chance for a reunion, can they say goodbye again?

A collection of eight paranormal short stories that will make you wish for a little wickedness of your own.  

As You Wish (Djinn)
Double Double Toil and Trouble (Witches)
Woman's Best Friend (Shapeshifter)
Vow of Temptation (Demon)
The Garden (Fairy)
All the Better To... (Werewolf)
Fallen not Forgotten (Angel)
Revenge is Best Served Hot (Vampire)

*Releasing on Kindle in a quintet Summer 2012.*

A pair of novellas that highlights the strength of the human heart to overcome pain and adversity.

Last Chance For...Brody and Chris are best friends on a road trip who take life as it comes without a drop of seriousness.  When their car breaks down in the middle of the New Mexico desert, they meet Skye, a woman who understands pain and the price survival takes.  She'll change what they understand about everything.

Turn Into the Spin...Francesca wanted to find a safe haven to raise her daughter.  An accident on a slick winter road near their new town brings her in contact with Heath, the local sheriff, and Trace, the area doctor.  She won't trust them easily, especially when her past manages to track her down, putting her new life in danger yet again.

A set of three novellas set in the NYC theater.  Follow three siblings in their pursuit of success...accidentally finding love on the way.

Stage Fright...Mikayla panics backstage opening night until a dark stranger eases her tension and helps her focus.  Little does he know, this sassy Johannson has claimed him as her own.

The Mighty Pen...Madeline celebrates her play's success by challenging the theater owner she's avoided for months.  She soon finds out he's playing for keeps.

Supporting Roles...Kincaid arrives in NYC ready to cheer his sisters on.  A confirmed bachelor, he isn't prepared for the young caterer who gets through his defenses.

Four novellas celebrating the freedom found outside an office.  

Permission to Come Aboard...Charter boat captain Dakota Harding maintains a hard outer shell to protect her family business.  Nothing prepares her for Gunner.

Special Delivery...Refusing to be the typical trust fund baby, Spencer buys a bicycle courier company and gets to work.  The day he meets Shania, he knows immediately she's the one.

A Sunny Heart...Mack had to leave Sunny when they were fifteen.  Now he's come back to claim her - but is it twelve years too late?

Embrace the Wild...International model, Talia, is done being used.  In disguise, she retreats to a rented cabin in Montana and meets friends Knox and Wade who accept her dowdy appearance and schoolteacher background.  Will her old life let her go?


Three novellas featuring the few...the proud...the Marines.

The Gift of Sight...Gavin saved Hadley when they were teens and they've been together ever since.  When a mission goes to shit while he's deployed, he returns to her blind and angry.  Will he let her back into his life or turn his back on their love?

The Messenger...Regin escorts his fellow Marine's body home to his only relative, a sister, Margarita and the sparks fly between them.  When he has to return to finish his final year of active duty, her life erupts in violence.  Will she let him heal her?

On the House...Jason plays hard and does just fine on his own.  Until Toni walks into his life and shakes it up with her own brand of kick ass.

Eating the Cake 
Zane McDaniel's physical attraction to Gideon seems strangely strong.  After a turbulent coupling, Gideon introduces Zane to his wife, Maggie, and the older man knows he has to have them both.

Maggie has taken less over the years because she loves Gideon and he loves her.  The fact that he's a beautiful gay man attracted to other beautiful gay men is not something she judges him for.  Then she meets Zane, dominant alpha male with a sexual hunger for both of them and her life is changed forever.

Refusing to bow to society, they embark on a relationship that proves you can have your cake...and eat it, too.

Four erotic novellas that will break your heart, then make it all better.  Showing the best and worst of human nature and the healing power of love.

The Hermit...Ryan is running from his own demons when he finds a broken woman in the Alaskan wilderness.  Bringing her back from hell begins as a duty...until she starts to heal him, too.

Dirty Little Secret...Jared knew the rules: No strings.  No one is to know.  Anyone finds out, it's over.  He would have agreed to anything to get Kendall in bed.  If only he'd realized the secrets she was keeping.

Coming Home...Rowan grew past the hurt of betrayal and started life fresh in college.  Older and wiser Bennett takes her under his wing and learns to love for the first time in his life.  Tragedy forces her to confront her past to find happiness again in her future.

Let Your Heart Lead...Leonardo and Amelia were star-crossed lovers as teens until Amy ran away.  When their paths merge again, he knows he won't ever let her go again.

Four erotic novellas that feature sports themes.  When it comes to love, whether you win or lose does matter.

Breaking the Ice - Hockey

Time to Make the Doughnuts - Football 

Win, Lose, and Raine... - Baseball

The Three Pointer - Basketball

A collection of erotic poetry ranging from the purely romantic to the down and dirty.  

A perfect bedside book when you want to spice things up with your significant other using words.  

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