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Have you stopped by my official "Good Girl" website yet?  You should...if you subscribe, you receive my free story "Being Delightful" and I think you'll really enjoy it.  

About the Story:
Sometimes being bitchy is funny...

When Petra and Jack meet at the wedding of his brother and her sister, they agree that sarcasm, alcohol, and sex just might make the event bearable.

I also put up free "Shayne's Quickies" a couple of times a week.  Micro stories you can read for a fast erotica fix before getting back to your day.  

I don't spam - you'll only get messages from me when I upload the new "sign up" story (so you won't have to subscribe again) and when I eventually start doing my book signings.  

I would never share your personal information and anyone who's been signed up for a bit can tell you - other than confirmations, I don't mass email.  Period.  I hate that crap myself. 

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