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About the Story:
Sometimes being bitchy is funny...

When Petra and Jack meet at the wedding of his brother and her sister, they agree that sarcasm, alcohol, and sex just might make the event bearable.

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AVAILABLE NOW: "Revenge is Best Served Hot"


"Revenge is Best Served Hot" is now available on Amazon Kindle!  Click HERE to buy your copy today!

About the Story:

KC Pennington left her hometown after high school and swore never to return.  Her nemesis, Lincoln Rothchild, realized too late how wrong he’d been to torment her.

Now, seven years later, Lincoln can no longer bear the guilt of the cruelty he and his friends visited on the gentle brainiac and he uses all his resources to track her down.

KC goes by Kiriana now and that isn’t the only thing that’s changed...

She’s grown up in more ways than one and when she makes him a dark proposal to atone for his sins, he can’t say no.  She will punish him but she will not permanently harm him.  At the end of three days, he will be free to go with her forgiveness.  As she wraps him in pleasure and pain he isn’t certain he will ever have the will to leave.

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The Next Big Thing...

Ten Interview Questions

What is the working title of your book?
The Playground - Part One "Command" (three novella series)

Where did the idea come from for the book?
I have a personal interest in the topic of D/s – it is a recurring theme in a lot of my work.  Also, my followers seem to really enjoy it...I don't feel like such a kink-meister, out there in the land of kink all by myself.

What genre does your book fall under?
Erotic Fiction, Erotica, Adult Fiction, Sensual Romance

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
This is difficult for me.  I don't watch television so...ugh, I don't know the names of actors well.  Let me give it a shot...I'm only going to list the main characters from "Command" though.  You'll have to wait and see who features in "Bound" and "Submit".  

Kikiama "Kiki" Espinoza - Meng Qian
Craig LeBlanc - Alexander Skarsgard
Draven Michaels - Joe Manganiello
Misery - Giulia Siegel
Tina - Teresa Palmer

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Everyone has fun at The Playground.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
Self-published on Amazon Kindle.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
First draft took about 1-2 days for each section, a total of 12 days with edits.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Well, the knee-jerk response would be “50 Shades of Grey” but since I couldn’t stand that book and felt it had little to do with a true D/s relationship, I’d have to say it is closer to a Lora Leigh “Pleasure” book or perhaps Maya Banks' "Sweet Temptations". 

Who or What inspired you to write this book?
It came to me when was polishing my dining room table.  Dropped everything and went to jot down my notes. 

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
As usual, this isn’t ‘smut’ though the potential is always there in any erotic story.  It is about acceptance and understanding…maybe finding that person who matches you like a missing puzzle piece.

Five Authors I Love...and You Should Too!
  1. MargieChurch
  2. NichelleGregory
  3. BenjaminRussell
  4. MichelPrince
  5. RueVolley


"Ready to Rumble" Officially a Hit!


The first promotion went so well, I've decided to extend your chance to get your FREE COPY for this weekend only!  Click HERE for yours!

Another successful promo!  Almost 1500 downloads of my novella, "Ready to Rumble" in the 2.5 days it was live.  I made it to #9 in the Kindle erotica genre so I'm happy.  The story is now back to regular price on Amazon.  Thank you to each and every one of you who downloaded, "liked", and to those who left me a review.  

Brief Synopsis: Demitria Stavos has been secretly in love with her father’s star performer, Nikolai “Granite” Petrov for years. She has an international reputation as a party girl and he doesn’t even notice she’s alive.

When they’re thrown together on a promotional tour for the Stavos’ professional wrestling entertainment company, each may have finally met their match.


A sneak peek of Shayne's upcoming vampire erotica novella "Revenge is Best Served Hot".

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A Few More Random Facts About Shayne

By request, here are a few more answers followers had about me personally:
  • I'm definitely a coffee drinker though I refuse to spend a ridiculous amount of money on it.  I buy cheap and flavor it myself with spices. 
  • My best friend’s name is Sarah.  I named the character in my book “In the Service of Women” after her since she’s my closest female friend and I absolutely love her.
  • The last person I spoke to on the phone was my ex-husband (and closest male friend), Jon.  
  • My favorite underthings are geared more toward comfort than seduction (though I have those as well).  Boy shorts and sports bras make more sense when you sit in a house working alone all day. 
  • When I write, I can’t listen to music with too many words.  Therefore, I tend to choose Sade, Enigma, and various classical selections (no, I know nothing about it – I just know what I like) on Pandora.
  • The first thing I notice about people is their attitude.  Does their posture scream “keep away” or do they seem open and friendly?  Since I’m the latter – and have never met a stranger – I actually gravitate toward the former, pulling them out of their grumps and making them smile.  Drives my family NUTS.
  • My favorite holiday is Mother’s Day.  It is my single greatest accomplishment, no matter what else I manage to do in my life.  My teens are incredible.
  • I prefer dark chocolate (if I eat it at all) but my favorite snack is sliced fruit and cheese.
  • I just finished ALL of Robin Schone’s books (again) and am now reading Emma Holly’s “Strange Attractions” for the 3rd time.  When I’m working (ie: last 5 months) I choose books I’ve already read so I can walk away from it.  Otherwise, I’d sit and read it straight through. 
  • No.  I’m not shy in the slightest.  I tend to blush (violently) but only because either a thought that flies through my head or something I said out loud smacks me after the fact.  However, I rarely regret it. 
  • My favorite flowers if purchased are Gerber daisies or mums.
  • Yes.  I was telling the truth when I mentioned I’m well-versed in the mechanics and use of firearms.  I’ve been around guns since I was little and was taught to respect them but know them.
  • Only my ears are pierced and I have one small tribal tattoo on my sternum.


"Somebody" Promo a Success!

For 5 days, I promoted my story "Somebody" on Amazon Kindle by offering a free download.  

Almost 2,500 people downloaded (and hopefully read) my work and I could not be more thrilled with how that turned out!

The Plot:
Aubrey Price has been in love with Elliot McAllister most of her life.  Working for his family company, watching him run wild with other women, she knows there is more to him than the gorgeous and successful playboy he portrays to the world. That he’s a man worthy of her love and respect.

Not that she has any business even thinking about him in regards to love…

If you read it - will you please LEAVE ME A REVIEW?  More cool promotions coming soon!

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Hello, darlings!  I added all the links to follow me - they now appear (huge) on the left side.  I also added the Amazon Kindle link pages to my novels.  Click on any of the book photos or icons and you'll zip right over.

In the meantime, I hope you SUBSCRIBE to my blog so you'll get updates on promotional stuff.  I'm also setting up a contest site for FREE stuff.  

I'm beginning a "Dear Good Girl" portion of my blog where I'll be taking questions or problems from a follower (submitted anonymously on Tumblr - which can hopefully be done whether you have an account or not) and posting my answer.  You can also submit them to me via email - and no, I won't ever harass you.  

Eventually, this will be the material for my podcast.  *wink*

Yes.  In answer to several requests, I'm working to compile content, record without freaking out, and will post the results on YouTube.  

I'm going to be doing press releases and promotions to get my followers and my sales up.  I think you're going to have a lot of fun.  I'm glad you're with me!

Much love,


Being Curvy...

London Andrews has balls.  Huge ones.

She and I are about the same size based on the stats she freely provides in the posts on her website.  My balls aren't anywhere near as big.  I'm unhappy with my body...yes, even though it looks like hers and I like her body...and I could never get naked in front of a camera for the viewing pleasure of millions.

London Andrews is sassy and sexy, confident and seems like a genuinely nice person.  She has a hot boyfriend and no end of work.  I follow her site, her Tumblr, and Google pics of her for my "Curvy Goddess" collection on Facebook.  

I adore her.  

I'm confident...but I don't think I'm that confident.  Not that I'd ever put my naked pics out on the Internet if I wasn't being paid big bucks to do it.  I'm saying that my body issues are so extreme that I couldn't even give naked pics to someone I was involved with.  

You see, I'm a chubby woman who used to be fit.  12% body fat type of fit with big boobs and a taut bubble butt.  I had kids, I started working too much, I took up smoking, I stopped eating or drinking, and I put every single thing about "me" on the back burner.  For almost 20 years.  So here I am at 40 and I still work too much, rarely eat or drink, I'm trying to quit smoking...and I'm still last on my priority list.  

When I see a model like London, it makes me wonder why I can't lighten up and look at the positive aspects of my body.  Why I can't love myself, be more comfortable with myself, the way I deserve.  

My goal is this: I plan on duplicating this photo ----> around my birthday in December.  Putting on sexy lingerie, setting up my camera, biting the bullet, and taking the shot.  Just to see if I can do it.  Just to see if I can look at a picture of myself and love it as much as a picture of London Andrews.  

Because really...I want balls as big as hers.


Let’s Talk Domination/submission.

With the popularity of “50 Shades of Grey” there are extreme misconceptions about the nature of a D/s relationship.  The 15 million people who purchased this book (if they weren’t familiar with true BDSM before reading it) now have a view of D/s that is completely and utterly incorrect. 

The relationship depicted between Christian Grey and Ana is a Master/slave dynamic.  Please see my blog regarding the “9 Levels of Submission” for clarification.  In a M/s relationship, the submissive releases all sense of self.  They become the embodiment of what their Master desires/requires and their thoughts/feelings do not enter into the mix. 

A true M/s relationship is rare for the simple reason that human beings are not genetically wired to release their identity – it is counter to our natural survival instinct.  

I do not agree with this level of submission for myself (completely my opinion and choice) and have only known one couple in my life that was successful at it long-term.  When last I spoke with them, they had been together for four years.  At that point, they had been together almost two years longer than the other M/s couples I knew. 

In “50 SoG”, Christian determines what his na├»ve submissive will eat, wear, how much she will exercise, who she will be allowed to speak to, etc.  The popularity of these books, and the eventual movies, concern me because young women – especially young women of today’s generation – tend to be incredibly stupid when it comes to men. 

In a true D/s relationship, a submissive willingly and with full trust releases control of their sexuality to their Dominant.  This part of their lives can exist separately from every other part.  Successful business owner, scout leader, Little League coach, PTA president…all of that is left behind when a submissive enters the world of his/her Dominant. 

The submission of a person who is seen as an “alpha” personality by the rest of the world is especially seductive to a strong Dominant.  They are fully aware of the individuality, the drive, the control of their submissive and watch as he/she leaves that aspect of their personality at the door and places themselves – literally – in their Dominant’s hands.

A true Dominant is strong in will and control.  This strength is based on a core of inner self-confidence that is rarely expressed in anger.  They know their place in the world and it is hard to shake them.

A true Dominant is concerned (foremost) with their submissive’s safety and (second) their pleasure.  They are protective by nature with sex drives that are rarely in low gear. 

I wonder at the porn industry’s depiction of battered women as the standard submissive.  Scratches and welts?  Reasonable.  Fingerprints and rug burn?  To be expected.  Broken skin and bone-deep bruising? 

Not hardly. 
A Dominant protects his submissive from harm, including knowing when the edge between pleasure and pain has become blurred for them.  They exert control so a submissive personality does not have to.  They guard you, protect you, so you can let go completely.  They push your boundaries, introduce you to things they know you will enjoy – even if you resist initially.  They are territorial by nature, much like our animal counterparts, and though they may occasionally “share” their submissive – there are rules that are followed to ensure protection of their most cherished possession and boundaries that are not crossed. 

A Dominant who does not protect you from yourself, from going beyond rational acceptance of pain to needing pain in order to achieve release, is not interested in your safety.  A Dominant who would debase you to the point that you are simply “a hole” to be used by anyone in any way doesn’t even see you as a person.

Temporary D/s relationships – of which there are many – tend to give birth to many misconceptions about BDSM.  It is the pain seekers, who for whatever reason cannot climax without pain.  Those women who feel so bad about themselves that words like “slut” and “whore” actually make them feel cherished.  Then there are the Dominants who aren’t really.  Who get off on hurting weaker people and couch it behind an entire culture so they can feel a sense of power. 

No matter what the porn industry tries to feed you.  No matter what E.L. James and her wildly incorrect novels try to get you to swallow.  D/s is about respect and trust.  A Dominant being strong for their submissive so he/she can let go and focus on the pleasure.

Is there pain?  Sometimes.  Is there punishment?  Often.  I myself had to be broken down and built back up…but nowhere did it come close to what I see every day from the porn industry. 

It is when the line is crossed from BDSM to violence, disrespect, and humiliation that a submissive needs to evaluate their place in their Dominant’s life.  A submissive is not a doormat or an inanimate object.  After the sex is over, you should feel good about yourself, stronger and more focused.  Just like “vanilla” relationships…the two of you together should be better than each of you individually. 

Don’t buy into the hype.

And Christian Grey can shove his calorie counting, temper tantrum having, stalkerish tendencies up his ass.


Liebster Award - Learn 11 Facts About Me!

I have the lovely and talented Nichelle Gregory to think for my Liebster Award Nomination! I'm truly honored you nominated me!

What is the Liebster Blog award, you ask?  This is an award given to blogs that have less than 200 followers.  It’s a way of generating some love and traffic for smaller bloggers.

Now for the RULES:
  1. Each person must post 11 facts about themselves
  2. Answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you and then give eleven questions for those you tag.
  3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
  4. Let them know you’ve tagged them.
  5. No tag backs.

11 Facts About Me:
  1. I’m incredibly outgoing – I’ve never met a stranger.
  2. I’m one of the strongest people I know emotionally.
  3. If someone makes a pass at me and I’m not interested, I pretend it went over my head to keep from hurting their feelings.
  4. I love to laugh and to make other people laugh.
  5. I can write the first draft of a full-length novel in about one week.
  6. I love watching porn but I am very, very picky.
  7. If I don’t “anchor” a story that downloads into my brain within 5 minutes, it will be lost forever.
  8. I believe in solving problems…not talking about them incessantly.
  9. My children are my greatest accomplishment.
  10. I truly believe I am a better writer than at least 50% of the writers who are formally published.
  11. I wish I could save the world.

 11 Questions I Was Asked:
  1. What is your favorite song right now?  Bernhoft’s “C’mon Talk”
  2. Would you read your latest WIP to your in-laws for a hundred dollars?  Oh hell yeah.
  3. Have you ever been spanked or given a spanking?  Yes to both.
  4. Would you consider being a pleasure slave for six months?  Anything goes.  At the end you'd be paid handsomely.  Yes.
  5. What's your favorite cereal?  Quaker Oh’s
  6. CSI or Law & Order?  Law & Order
  7. What's the one word you always misspell?  LOL…when I was six I think I misspelled handkerchief.  *grin*
  8. How many hours do you typically sleep a night?  About 2
  9. If you could have anything right this very minute what would it be?  Freedom
  10. What's your favorite thing to wear?  Cowboy boots
  11. What would you like to ask me?  Where is your dream place to live?

My 11 Nominees:
  1. Nick Jenkins
  2. Chris Mann
  3. Margie Church
  4. Carisa Thesing
  5. Pete Lancaster
  6. SjD Peterson
  7. Rowan Elizabeth
  8. Roy Chaudoir
  9. Jade Alexander
  10. Grinelda Markowitz
  11. Paul Martin

11 Questions for My Nominees:
  1. What is your greatest regret?
  2. What drives you crazy about other authors?
  3. What is your biggest sexual deal-breaker?
  4. What would be the most important item on your “bucket list”?
  5. Which movie title would best depict your life story?
  6. When you are alone what do you most enjoy doing?
  7. Who is the first person you think about when you get up in the morning?
  8. Do you think you are a selfish person?
  9. If you could spend a night with a celebrity who would it be?
  10. Do you have a piercing or tattoo and where?
  11. Which one country would you want relocate to if you had the opportunity?


50 Shades of Kill-Me-Now

My Facebook followers have asked me at least two dozen times to weigh in on the "50 Shades of Grey" series because I write erotica myself.  I've heard such wildly swinging reviews that I knew it had to be more hype than substance and had no intentions of reading it.  I finally broke down and read it.  For those of you who actually enjoyed it...you should leave now.  Truly.  

Goodreads wouldn't let me register my "review" without at least ONE STAR - I would have given it ZERO but was forced against my will to provide one lonely star. I'm so completely floored that this is being touted as "erotica" or as a D/s relationship.  How did it sell 15 copies - much less 15 million???

The relationship between the two main characters is an 8 - closer to a 9 - on the BDSM standard levels of submission - which means it is a MASTER/slave relationship. Of course, that designation wouldn't sell quite as many copies so they decided to misrepresent the entire culture and make all of us who have been part of a D/s relationship at any point of our sexual histories look like abusive control freaks (Doms) or weak, pathetic doormats (subs).

Christian is abusive, bizarre, and borderline dangerous...and he was still the only halfway interesting thing about this book. Throughout Anastasia maintains an almost "Stockholm" type behavior. Creepy not sexy.

The author uses purple prose such as "my sex" and "his member" (which, kink or not, knocks her down to romance not erotica).  James repeatedly used such brilliant dialogue as "holy crap", "oh my", "jeez", and "he's hot" (hundreds of times) which made her sound less articulate than my 15-yr-old daughters. 

Many of the sex scenes are LAUGHABLE they are so silly and unrealistic.  Tampon...gross.  Deep-throat?  Really?  From a virgin?  You think so?  Sex a dozen times a day, as a virgin, with a ridiculously well-endowed man and you have "pleasant soreness".  

I have to wonder: has the author actually had sex herself?

There is some odd spin that is simply stupid with her "inner goddess" and her "subconscious" that sounds like shit from an acid trip or  maybe a psychotic break.  

The writing in some places is almost word-for-word ripped off from "Twilight" and WHY it isn't stuck in a legal dept somewhere - I don't know. It seems strange to me. I would annihilate anyone who spun off my work like this...and did it so badly. Meyer should be livid not saying "good on her"...what???

I have a friend who believes Meyer really wrote it.  If she did, how lazy can you get?  Trash, trash, trash and a horrible waste of hours I didn't have. I've never rolled my eyes so many times through one book...not ever.

For those who bought the second and third books...hoping the writing, plot, and character development improves?  No. Such. Luck.  Not that I've read the second and third ones.  Oh hell no.  I'm not a glutton for punishment.  

Am I a book snob?  Damn right.  When it comes to words...if you're making millions and there is a movie in the works...you should know how to string sentences together without sounding like some sniveling little teenager who didn't get asked to the prom.  

Much love,


Random Facts about ME

I enjoy all music with the exception of screamo and gangster rap.
I love strawberry milkshakes.
I hate talking on the phone...ever.
I have a 1991 Ford truck I inherited from the father I never met when he died.
I have 3 cats and 2 dogs.
I am a morning person AND a night person.
I have never left the United States.
I have broken bones on every limb, ribs, skull, and three vertebra in my neck.
I have 3 teenage children who are nothing like the rest of their friends.
I have done a lot of thinking since I turned 40 in December.
I wrote a 350 page novel in 6 days based on an idea inspired by the news.
I hate sleeping and going to the bathroom because I think it wastes time.
I've known what I wanted to do since I was a small child.
I own and use a library card.
I strongly dislike math.
I learned to read when I was two.
I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar-free.
I avoid casinos since I have an obsessive personality.
I rarely drink but when I do it is typically imported beer.
I have never had someone break up with me.
I have been married three times - I am friends with my exes.
I have a small tribal tattoo on my sternum.
I have auburn hair, hazel eyes, and freckles.
I have been called "gifted" and a "nerd" all my life.
I have worn glasses and/or contacts since I was four.
I am an excellent shot with a pistol or rifle.
I am comfortable with only myself for company but I am a social person.
I believe the movie "Day after Tomorrow" is in our real future.
I prefer the mountains to the beach.
I believe in being kind, polite, and helpful.
I don't apologize for the person I am.
I am open about sex, honest about it.  I am not, have never been, a slut.
I use real photos of myself for my profile pics.
I am Irish, Scots, and Cherokee.
My writing is NOT an invitation for you to have sex with me.
I am an eternal optimist with a stone-cold realist's education/history.


Who Is Shayne M?

Darlings, I get so many questions about me personally.  I'm flattered that you care!  I've tried to answer some of the most common questions here and I've added a photo of myself - in color, as requested.  

I am an erotica author, poet, and blogger.  I've always been very good at pretty much anything I take on...now, I'm even better at being just a little bad.  I currently have four full-length novels completed, eight novella and short story collections, and more than thirty "one-off" stories.

I write fast.  My first self-published title "The Barter System" was a completed draft in six days.  I write well, a fact I wasn't certain of until my work ended up in my follower's hands and they couldn't stop making me feel good.  My Facebook fan page has given me the confidence to truly pursue every dream I've ever had for myself as an author.

I write reality, for the most part.  I know paranormal is viral right now.  I've dabbled in it but it isn't my preference.  You'll see my attempt at paranormal erotica when I upload my "Doorways" quintet...four sets of two stories each that deal with the supernatural.  A male character can't just be "ARMY" - he has to be Elite Special Forces.  Again, I've dabbled.  My novella collection "The Corps" is my version.  

Mostly though, I like common characters.

My work is what could happen to you.  Most of my characters aren't perfect but I'm not sorry when they are because I have deaf characters, curvy characters, and characters missing limbs.  I like to mix it up.

Though I was born on a military base in California, I consider myself a Texan based on the years I spent there, my accent, family roots, and the way I cook.  I'm currently a wife who doesn't hesitate to tell my husband he's being an ass (complete with visual aids of his stupidity).  He does the chores/errands I hate.  In return, I cook him 5 pounds of food and field 90% of teen-related issues.

I'm a mom who wants to protect my kids but refuses to candy-coat reality.  My three teenagers are what I'm most proud of in my life.  I won't send them out after high school believing stupid shit like, "you can't get pregnant if it's your first time" or "I haven't had too much alcohol to drive" or "he treats me like crap but inside he really loves me".  Yeah, not so much.  My kids know what life is and it isn't going to bury them like so many other kids out there.

I'm a friend when you need one but I won't lie to make you feel better if you're about to make a mistake.  I will tell you those jeans make your ass look fat.  I won't pretend to like the same crap you like - we have enough things to bond over.

I have strong opinions and your hurt feelings need to be examined by YOU.  I am not responsible for you being unable to accept me for who I am.  I happen to like who I am.

I'm overweight at present but I won't kill myself over it because you never know...Renaissance could come back!  In the meantime, I work 20 hours a day on a computer in a little office and only get up to pee so when I can work a fitness regimen in, I'll get RIGHT on that.

I smoke because I'm addicted, not to annoy you.  When my mental state is ready for me to quit, I'll do so.  I like comfort over style because I grew up with brothers and never got along with most females.  Guys have it so damn easy.

I love to cook, hate to clean, love animals, hate hypocrites and bad grammar, get too wrapped up in my writing (and reading) sometimes, tend to be a workaholic, and would give you the shirt off my back if you REALLY needed it (you have to be part of your own rescue).

All men and women are created equal - there are no qualifiers after that statement - nothing but a damn period.

I am tolerant of other's beliefs - you want to go to church every day, if it fits in your schedule, good for you.  You knock on my door, we can talk and I'll respect your stand without being rude.  Maybe I'll invite you in for coffee if the dogs aren't being too crazy.

I believe every human being has the right to choose what is right or wrong for their body (inside and out).  From alternative medicine to tattoos to unplanned pregnancy.  I have enough issues worrying about MY body - I don't have time to make decisions for yours, too.

I don't have the right to tell you who you're in love with.  Love crosses all boundaries, social castes, races, genders, and belief systems.  If you are lucky enough to find soul-deep love, I hope you fight for it.

I do not write romance OR porn...I write erotica.  Please understand the difference in the three genres before you read my work and become offended at my explicit sex scenes and lack of "purple prose". 

That's about it.  You know you can submit questions to me here, my Tumblr blog, my Facebook page or profile, or just send me an email at whatshaynewants@live.com.  I love to hear from you.

Much love,


What is Your Biggest Turn-Off?

All of us have our "quirks", those things a potential partner does before, during, or after sex that immediately shuts us down, kills the mood - many times making it impossible to get back.  Often, we hide these facts about ourselves because we think the other person won't want us if they know.  I have no problem sharing...obviously.  What turns me off?  So glad you asked.

"Daddy" and "Little Girl" Games 
Nothing skeeves me out worse than someone referring to me as their "little girl" during sex.  As a survivor of severe childhood abuse, I won't be calling anyone "daddy" either.  I haven't been a "little girl" since I was four and you really don't want to take me back to my childhood if you're interested in turning me on.  I fought my way clear of my past and have no desire to revisit it.  

Excessive "Marking"
Bites, bruises, scratches - those are all common after a night of rough sex.  How furious I become when I walk into the bathroom to discover hickeys all over my neck where they can't be hidden.  It smacks of white trash or high school and it's sure to earn you a couple of days of abstinence...and possibly some subtle payback you can't be certain came from me.

Humiliation in Word or Deed
I was part of a Dom/sub relationship with a powerful man for over a year.  He worked me past a lot of scary/painful situations and helped me heal by allowing me to release my rigid control.  As a strong woman, I had to learn to trust him...and trusting men did not come easily back then.  He broke me down and built me back up in ways that still boggle my mind.  Despite what sadistic assholes and the porn industry wants you to think - he did it all without calling me a "slut" or a "whore".  He didn't have me licking his boots, crawling on my hands and knees in front of his friends, or attempt to gag me with his cock.  He expected immediate obedience and when I hesitated, I was spanked or denied release.  He tied me more in the beginning as he trained my body and mind to give him control.  It was the most sexually fulfilling relationship of my life.  There was no degradation.  No humiliation.  I still won't tolerate it.  I've considered two other D/s relationships since but the men were nothing like my first.  They got off on pain and humiliation - it was all about the power to them.  Not the same thing at all.

What turns you off?  What makes you draw back sexually and close off emotionally?


You Have to Wait...

When you’re in public, you know you shouldn’t but they’re looking at you, wanting you as much as you’re wanting them and you can’t stop.  You grab them, grinding and touching in desperation.  Just a little relief of the ache, the pressure inside you to take them and mark them as yours for the first time or the hundredth time.  Like a teenager with no control, ready to explode with just…a…little…more…

Morning Sex - Random Thoughts by Shayne M

You're sleeping right now...hard as a rock.  I'm sitting here watching you, waiting for you to wake up.  Your eyes flutter open and you give me that sleepy smile I love so much.  I climb on top of you, positioning your cock against my pussy, lowering myself onto you.  Watching your face as I begin gliding up and down your lovely dick.  Your hands grip into my thighs as excitement and pleasure wash over you.  Leaning over to kiss your face, your shoulders, your neck while I fuck you.  Knowing when you're about to cum and speeding up - building the tension.  You tense, body going harder and tighter as you explode into me.  I clutch your cock, not stopping, not slowing.  Dragging out your orgasm as long as possible, milking you with strong inner muscles.  You give a final throb inside me and I join you, gasping as you take over the rhythm, pushing me on and on.  Later, lying on you as you stroke my back and neck, a light sheen of sweat covering us both.  Having your fingers slide into my hair and pulling my face to yours for an assault on my lips.  The absolute PERFECT good morning.  The day can't start in a better way. 


Ways to Follow Me OFF Facebook

All the class, none of the censorship.  

BLOG:  http://alwaysthefuckinggoodgirl.blogspot.com/
TWITTER:  https://twitter.com/#!/WhatShayneWants
TUMBLR:  http://whatshaynewants.tumblr.com/

Miss you all!

And the Censorship Continues

Seems Facebook has now even taken my profile picture.  I honestly have to laugh at the blatant censorship of my page.  Considering my stuff is tame in comparison to other pages, this has gone beyond reason.  I'm utterly frustrated.  I've emailed Facebook twice without response.  Anyone have any suggestions? 

Ready to scream, 
Shayne M


What is Perfection?

Finding almost 1,000 like-minded people in less than one week.  People who don't blast me with hate-speech when I post my thoughts or write about what makes me tick (whether they believe the same way or not).

Men who like curvy women and photos featuring more gentle touches than hard-core going at it (which you can get ANYWHERE these days).  Who make me laugh with their honesty and "no bullshit" guyness.  Even men who enjoy the male pics more always weigh in with great comments about the female body or how they think women should be treated.  Each of you are a credit to your gender and it is such a pleasure to see what you're going to post next.

Women who laugh with me about blow jobs and body hair - who, like me, aren't afraid to use phrases like, "I'd tap that" or "I'll take two".  You make me feel like I'm not alone - a gift that can't be measured since we all feel like freaks when we're alone sometimes.  Have we all had our dings in life?  Sure.  But none of you rant and act all bitter.  You make me laugh - you make me think - and I love that.

This past week has truly boggled my mind.  You've made me happier than you can possibly know.  I'm never going to know each and every one of you individually (paired with my horrible memory for names...my "oh, look, a kitty" mentality doesn't help) but I like connecting with you anyway.

Your overall tolerance - no matter what I post, your sense of humor, and your intelligence in discussing any and every topic...I just don't know how I got so lucky.  Even with the bans (I believe I've banned the primary culprit), I can't really stay mad.  Every time I go on - you're making me laugh again.

To each of you who spread the news about my page so quickly - THANK YOU.  This exceeded my expectations in every possible way.  I'm thinking about writing a book about this...no worries - I'd never use names or anything.  It would be fiction, based on what you've shared with me.  I hope you continue to share with me.

Much love,

Shayne M