Being Curvy...

London Andrews has balls.  Huge ones.

She and I are about the same size based on the stats she freely provides in the posts on her website.  My balls aren't anywhere near as big.  I'm unhappy with my body...yes, even though it looks like hers and I like her body...and I could never get naked in front of a camera for the viewing pleasure of millions.

London Andrews is sassy and sexy, confident and seems like a genuinely nice person.  She has a hot boyfriend and no end of work.  I follow her site, her Tumblr, and Google pics of her for my "Curvy Goddess" collection on Facebook.  

I adore her.  

I'm confident...but I don't think I'm that confident.  Not that I'd ever put my naked pics out on the Internet if I wasn't being paid big bucks to do it.  I'm saying that my body issues are so extreme that I couldn't even give naked pics to someone I was involved with.  

You see, I'm a chubby woman who used to be fit.  12% body fat type of fit with big boobs and a taut bubble butt.  I had kids, I started working too much, I took up smoking, I stopped eating or drinking, and I put every single thing about "me" on the back burner.  For almost 20 years.  So here I am at 40 and I still work too much, rarely eat or drink, I'm trying to quit smoking...and I'm still last on my priority list.  

When I see a model like London, it makes me wonder why I can't lighten up and look at the positive aspects of my body.  Why I can't love myself, be more comfortable with myself, the way I deserve.  

My goal is this: I plan on duplicating this photo ----> around my birthday in December.  Putting on sexy lingerie, setting up my camera, biting the bullet, and taking the shot.  Just to see if I can do it.  Just to see if I can look at a picture of myself and love it as much as a picture of London Andrews.  

Because really...I want balls as big as hers.


Liz @ Fictional Candy said...

She is gorgeous. Your story could easily be mine, they're nearly the same. *sigh* You should do the picture now, even if only for yourself. Hell, we all should :)

Stubor said...

Speaking as a fairly typical male, Jayzus, this gal is lovely. Shayne, I would worship before your alter. Post some photos of yourself, love. Curvy gals are smorgasbords of the erotic; time to eat!

Garou Wolfs Haven said...

Having seen picture of you clothed, I think you are incredibly sexy and I wish I had the kind of money to pay you. It would be money well spent.