Warm By The Fire

I’m lying on the floor, lightly dozing
The fireplace is glowing and warm
You take a moment to watch me
Before moving to crouch over my body

You smooth my hair from my face
Placing a soft kiss near my ear
Lowering yourself until our bodies meet
Your knee going firmly between my legs

Nuzzling my neck with a stubbled jaw
Anchoring my head with calloused hands
Lips hard and soft at the same time
Bringing me from sleep desiring you

My hand moves into your hair, gripping
Pulling you closer as I warm further
Running one hand along your side
Around to your back and pulling up your shirt

Raking my nails along your skin
As your hands pull my shirt open to your gaze
Your mouth moving to adore each nipple
Cupping my breasts with your palms

As I pull your shirt over your head
Running my hands hard over your shoulders
Your back, into the waistband of your jeans
Massaging your lower back and top of your ass

My legs separate and wrap around yours
Pulling you tightly into me
Grabbing a fistful of hair at your neck
Our mouths grinding together, tongues entwining

Hands between us, buttons and zippers undone
Pushing jeans and panties away
Baring skin to one another’s mouths and hands
Skin hot from passion and the slow fire

Reaching down to guide your cock into me
Needing it now…right now…can’t wait
Tightening myself around you as you enter
Relaxing back for a moment to enjoy the sensation

Slowly building the rhythm…bit by bit
Pumping into my pussy and slowly out again
A bit faster now…our urgency is growing
Breathing harder, digging my nails into your ass

Watching you above me in the firelight
The need as it spreads across your face
Tension clenching the muscles in our bodies
Working towards what we want, what we have to have

Arms and shoulders harden more, holding your weight
As you wait for me, watching me, harder now
Sensation builds in my chest and works its way down
My back arches as the climax slams into me

Your stroking builds momentum and strength
Harder and faster thrusts – almost painful, so good
One final gasp before you spasm inside me
Heat and wetness consuming us both

Pulling you down to my damp skin
Making you rest your body on mine
Kissing you as I sigh softly in pleasure
Breathing heavily against one another


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Being Gentle

I want you to know
The respect, the love
That I feel for you
The true and deep admiration

I need you to know
The fear, the confusion
That I go through daily
The bone-chilling numbness

I want you to know
My heart, my thoughts
That inside this shell
The purity of my intentions

I need you to know
The doubt, the pain
That lurks within
Darkening my inner sunlight

Your gentleness
My roughness
Your love for me
My uncertainty
Your peace
My complete distraction

Your gentleness helps me not at all



Destiny is a funny thing
There are no manuals
No way to figure out where you fit

Sometimes I look at things
Wondering if I have a place
Thinking that there is nowhere for me

There are people in the world
Who choose religion as a guide
But religion is just another business

Still others who choose money
The primary focus is to get more
Money keeps its own counsel and corrupts

The love of a child - a spouse
So strong, so true, so real
Why can that not be enough?

I dance into flame
Daring the fire to burn me
Wondering why it avoids me again

Flirting with chaos
Damning the consequences
My pleadings for mercy go unheard


Just Fine...

You analyse my every word...every deed
Assumptions are constantly made
Feelings and attitude run hot and cold
I'm never sure where I stand with you
I am tired of justifying every action
Explaining each decision carefully
Guarding my thoughts and words
To avoid offending you at all costs
I like to talk, reasoning out a problem
Clear the air...move on to other things
Like licking, sucking, tasting, fucking
But what I offer is not enough, never enough
I wish I were different emotionally
That I could attach to other people
As easily as they seem to attach to me
A lover loving without limits or regrets
Alas, it is not meant to be for me
I must make my own happiness
I have no need to play hard-to-get
No desire for games or manipulations
I am just fine


Feel It

Bodies moving to the rhythm
Dancing to our own beat
So many sensations to feel
Gotta pass along the heat

Releasing my energy
Screaming to escape
Need passionate embraces
Not emotional rape

Give me what you can
Step right back out again
Show me everything
Even a little pain

Come with me to greater heights
Than you ever dared to know
Sink with me to darker depths
You never thought you'd go

When its done and you're spent
Remember how it felt
To lie between my thighs
And feel your body melt

Any time you feel the need
You know right where I am
I'll push you a little further out
We both know I can



I am imagining you sleeping right now...hard as a rock, but not getting satisfaction...I wish I were lying next to you when you wake up in a few hours...watching you while you slept...until I knew you were rested enough...then climbing on top of you, positioning your cock against my pussy and lowering myself onto you...seeing your eyes open as I begin gliding up and down your lovely dick...feeling your hands grip into my thighs as awareness and pleasure wash over you...leaning over you while you watch me...kissing your face, your shoulders, your neck while I fuck you...knowing when you're about to come and speeding up to build the tension...feeling you explode inside me as I clutch your cock, milking it with unseen muscles, and join you...lying on you as you stroke my back and neck, a light sheen of sweat covering me...having your fingers slide into my hair and anchoring me for an assault on my lips.

The most PERFECT good morning. The day could not start in a better way.



When I give, and it seems never to be enough
When I take, but get the feeling I am taking too much
When I try, but it is just never makes a difference
When I speak, but the words are never heard

I want to be selfish

When your needs come first, and mine never at all
When your pain is loud, and mine is silence
When your desire is satisfied, mine left wanting
When your love is a habit, mine an obligation

I want to be selfish

When I tell you how I feel, and you nod patiently
When I tell you what I want, and you say I might get it
When I explain my sensuality, and you hear only SEX
When I speak of my future, and we end up talking about you

I want to be selfish

I find that I am unable to put myself first anymore
I take the crumbs I am given, pretending to be pleased
I allow my desires to be washed away in order to bring you pleasure
My future indefinitely put on hold…until this moment

I am now going to be selfish

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Lately, I seem to watch you constantly
How you move within your skin
Focusing on the play of muscle in your arms
The tan that entices me to lick you

Strong legs that I want between my own
Heavy calloused hands I need caressing me
A sculpted back I long to run my fingers down
As I grip your ass to pull you deeper

The strength within you, I know so well
You're able and willing to take what you want
Ready to give back to me just as strongly
This is familiar and dangerous to me

The taste of you has become a drug
Feeling you against me, my ultimate desire
Creating excuses to touch you, hold you
Anything to gain physical access to you

I’d trade almost anything I possess
To have you rocking above me right now
Gliding into my body while I watch you
Your skin hot where it touches me

To be kissing you hard and deep
Matching our tongues to the rhythm between us
Feeling the orgasm build inside me
Sensing when you are getting close

My legs wrapped tight around your waist
Opening myself more, wanting you deeper
Your thrusts getting harder, stronger
I arch from the bed and clench around you

A final thrust and silky wet heat inside me
Your muscles so taut before they relax
Your forehead against mine, breathing hard
Our kiss slow and sensual and satisfied

I can wait for this…I think

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Tossing and Turning

There isn't much joy
Waiting for the hours to pass
Hoping for better days
Needing a break once in a while

I'm unable to settle
To lose the inner turmoil I'm cursed with
Wishing  there was a happy medium
A moment of peace and quiet

Not wanting the constant fury
Keeping me company
Even in the darkest hours
As I toss and turn, unable to find rest

Sad thoughts, angry solutions
Shouting that can't be recalled
Words that can't be unsaid
Leading to solutions without happiness

Just a little rest...goodnight