Warm By The Fire

I’m lying on the floor, lightly dozing
The fireplace is glowing and warm
You take a moment to watch me
Before moving to crouch over my body

You smooth my hair from my face
Placing a soft kiss near my ear
Lowering yourself until our bodies meet
Your knee going firmly between my legs

Nuzzling my neck with a stubbled jaw
Anchoring my head with calloused hands
Lips hard and soft at the same time
Bringing me from sleep desiring you

My hand moves into your hair, gripping
Pulling you closer as I warm further
Running one hand along your side
Around to your back and pulling up your shirt

Raking my nails along your skin
As your hands pull my shirt open to your gaze
Your mouth moving to adore each nipple
Cupping my breasts with your palms

As I pull your shirt over your head
Running my hands hard over your shoulders
Your back, into the waistband of your jeans
Massaging your lower back and top of your ass

My legs separate and wrap around yours
Pulling you tightly into me
Grabbing a fistful of hair at your neck
Our mouths grinding together, tongues entwining

Hands between us, buttons and zippers undone
Pushing jeans and panties away
Baring skin to one another’s mouths and hands
Skin hot from passion and the slow fire

Reaching down to guide your cock into me
Needing it now…right now…can’t wait
Tightening myself around you as you enter
Relaxing back for a moment to enjoy the sensation

Slowly building the rhythm…bit by bit
Pumping into my pussy and slowly out again
A bit faster now…our urgency is growing
Breathing harder, digging my nails into your ass

Watching you above me in the firelight
The need as it spreads across your face
Tension clenching the muscles in our bodies
Working towards what we want, what we have to have

Arms and shoulders harden more, holding your weight
As you wait for me, watching me, harder now
Sensation builds in my chest and works its way down
My back arches as the climax slams into me

Your stroking builds momentum and strength
Harder and faster thrusts – almost painful, so good
One final gasp before you spasm inside me
Heat and wetness consuming us both

Pulling you down to my damp skin
Making you rest your body on mine
Kissing you as I sigh softly in pleasure
Breathing heavily against one another


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