Lawn Boy

I bitch about the lawn on purpose
I know you'll get tired of listening to me
You'll pull out all the tools you need
And spend a couple of hours outside

Pissed and getting dirty, hot, and sweaty
I pretend I'm writing on the porch
Wearing sunglasses because of glare
I'm really staring at you...lusting

You're wearing a tank in the boiling sun
Naturally beautiful golden skin, fit
Bright Italian eyes with laugh lines
Silver shot through near-black hair

Eventually you'll be done
I already have water for you, right here
A little snack because you did so well
I've gotten rid of the kids

When you come out of the shower
I don't even pretend to be coy
There is only one thing I want
I want it now, in my mouth...right now

That is never enough for you
We fuck then nap then talk
Friends and lovers for years now
Comfortable in our skins

Steady and simple, playful sometimes
Caught up in the day-to-day bullshit
But I live for the moments like this...
When you're my own personal lawn boy

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