X-Art: Artistic, Unique...Porn

As a grown woman who writes and researches about human relationships and sexual situations, I know my way around adult websites.  There are some scary (scary) people out there.  I'm not kidding.  Some sites truly freak me out with the level of ewww they are willing to put out in the world. 

I'm not a prude.  I've never been a prude.  Sex doesn't scare me or make me uncomfortable.  It's natural and normal to be sexual beings.  We were created this way.  As long as you're being safe, sex is consensual, and you aren't hurting (by word or deed) anyone else...enjoy.

That's why, when I found this site thru Violet Blue's website, I was naturally curious.  It's called X-Art and there is no doubt it's porn.  However, if you take the time to actually look through some of the photos, etc. I think you're going to notice something very important.  Unique, even.

The girls are naturally beautiful.  Clean and lovely.  The men are hot without looking like 'Chester the Molester".  Then there is the quality of film.  I've never seen anything in the adult industry shot with such attention to natural lighting and environment.  So beautifully done it truly strikes me more as art than porn.  But again...it is porn.  Make no doubt about it.  Some of the most gorgeous porn I've ever seen though and I'm trying to decide if I should get the membership. 

Stop by and take a look.  I think you'll be as surprised as I was.  Happily, sensually surprised.

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