Did you miss me?

Writing articles and ghost writing e-books kept me away for awhile.  Life is a bitch that shoves her nose in wherever and whenever she sees fit.  I lose days, weeks, months...even years dealing with her shit.  

Alas, I've got some new material - some of which isn't exactly erotica.  I'm trying out short stories and blog-length stories that some employers are looking for.  Feel free to tell me what you think.  I'll post them one at a time and you tell me if you love it or hate it.  Remember, the length parameters were laid out by potential employers for contract sites I belong to.  I'm typically long-winded so I wasn't 100% sure I could do it.  

Challenge accepted.  

Unlike my usual heavy plot + complex characters + steamy sex formula, these styles only allow for so much.  It's new and different, especially for me, and I enjoy stretching my creative chops.  

Much love, 

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