What Makes You Tick?

I've lived on my own since I was fifteen.  With that said, I've seen pretty much everything the world has to show (good and bad) and done a very good percentage of it personally.  I'm not saying all of it was smart.  Hell, some of it was just to survive (I won't bore you with the sad details...no negativity here).  

I've tried threesomes and enjoyed them most of the time.  As much as a man loves the thought of two women all over him, the reality is somewhat different.  

Physiologically, men...well...stop producing after a while.  When their fun is at an end, it is a rare few that will continue with only selfless pleasure in mind.  In every W/M/W scenario I've experienced, we women end up awake together - still playing - while the man eventually falls into a sated sleep with a big-ass smile on his face.

Two women with one man is more socially accepted.  Two men with one woman...not so much.  Unless it's the porn industry.  

Men don't often trust other men when it comes to their pleasure.  Women are naturally more trusting and open-minded.  Those are the facts.  In order for two men to join forces to blow a woman's mind, one of two factors has to happen.  

ONE:  the men are bi-sexual - in which case, the woman must be accepting and into the very interesting scenarios that will take place.  You will see them suck each other off and someone is going to get topped.  If you aren't able to be a grownup - meaning, you suddenly screech your homophobia/prudery drivel and kill everyone's good time - then avoid it.  If you're an adventurer when it comes to sex (like me)...play on!

TWO:  the men are both straight and they trust each other (and their own sexuality) enough to get naked and risk their balls touching...because it happens.  A lot.  If you are dealing with men 30+ you can pretty much guarantee this isn't their first rodeo (younger and they're probably trying to post it on YouTube...word to the wise).  They're going to turn you inside out and make you forget your own name.  They take turns, go at you together, one watches while the other plays...all of it so, so good.

Menage with two men (of either orientation) is my personal kink.  I've had it.  Liked it.  Write about it.  Dream about it.  And use it during "me" time.  Add a little light bondage and throw me around a bit and I'm happy for DAYS.

What does it for you?

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stephanie said...

You have spiked my curiosity in the mfm situation... most men dream of 2 women..but i dont know many women whom think of 2 guys or at least they don't talk about it if they do....good information in this piece.