VERY Short Romantic Story: Staycation


Gabe slung his wife over his shoulder in a fireman carry, hauling her to the car as she laughed and waved at their two children.  His mother was already blushing, knowing why she’d been asked to watch the kids for the night.  “Call if you need us, Mom.  See you tomorrow night.”  He deposited Jackie in the passenger seat and kissed her hard.

Smiles and “I love you” then they were tearing down the driveway, leaving their suburban house behind them.  Jackie was as wound up as he was.  How long had it been?  Weeks definitely, possibly more than a month.  Gabby had gotten the croup, David broke his wrist, Gabe had a building almost finished, and Jackie had to race to meet her deadlines for her column. 

He’d looked at her at four in the morning as she stumbled to bed and said, “We’re going away.  Just for the night.  We need it.”  Mumbling an exhausted agreement, she’d dropped out and he hadn’t wasted a moment.  All-night grocery store for supplies, a six a.m. call to his mother, making a reservation at the cabins up at the lake ten miles outside of town, and it was all planned. 

They left their small town and Jackie didn’t hesitate to maneuver the console to free his cock from his jeans.  She knew him so well.  Two years of dating and six years of marriage provided knowledge of one another no one else in their lives could ever have.  Road head…how long since she’d done this?  Since they weren’t rushing from place to place with the kids in the backseat?  And oh my god it was so good.  She drove him up, ratcheting the tension until he couldn’t stop, didn’t want to stop, and spilled his seed in her hot, waiting mouth. 

Moments later, still breathing hard and planning how he’d make it up to her, he pulled up to the small office, checked them in, got the key, drove faster than he should have to the small cabin he’d rented for the night.  He was at her door before she had a chance to open it herself.  Pulling her out, picking her up, loving how her legs wrapped around him. 

“Now.  Hurry, Gabe.”  Husky voice carried on moist breath at his ear.  Unlocking the door, putting her down long enough to strip, dragging her back into his arms.  Holding him so tight, wrapped around his body in a way so familiar and comforting. 

She was already wet, swollen for him.  Wasting no time with foreplay but swearing to make it up to her next time, he notched his cock at entrance to heaven and drove home in three short thrusts.  Her first orgasm was fast and he settled in for a long, hard ride.  She worked her hips on him, held him so tight, kissed him hungrily as he controlled their bodies. 

As her pussy rippled around him, warning him how close she was, she whispered, “I love you, Gabe.  Thank you for loving me.”  He couldn’t speak past the tension that slammed through his body as they rocketed over the peak together. 

Gasping, trembling, hearts pounding together.  He cupped her face and touched his forehead to hers.  “Thank you for letting me love you, Jackie.  God, I’m grateful, baby.”

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