The Art of Robin Schone

There are some authors I can (and do) read again and again.  Some, like Lora Leigh and Kresley Cole, capture my attention with a particular storyline I must follow…I must read every available facet of the world created and the characters I’ve come to love. 

One of my favorite authors is Robin Schone.  Her plots are original, sometimes heartbreaking.  Her characters are raw in a way few writers can capture.  Her overall stories draw me in and hold me hostage.  The depth of emotion, the sense of being part of the story, is portrayed so beautifully, I find myself thinking about it long after the last line has been read. 

I live in Oklahoma…not exactly a hotbed of erotic fiction.  I’m forced to order her books online and wait impatiently for them to arrive.  I then greedily open the book, knowing I will not be disappointed…and she has never failed me. 

If you haven’t read her work, you are missing out on a writer who can transport you into another time and place with details guaranteed to make you believe the people and locations are real, existing in that very moment.  The first book I read was The Lady’s Tutor and I became an instant devotee of her talent. 

Most of her work is placed in the late nineteenth century and that in itself is unusual for erotica.  The availability of telephones, trains, and condoms in an era of strict Victorian prudery adds another layer to her work that is unexpected and welcome. 

Don’t waste another moment.  Check your local library for her work and buy a copy if you can’t find it there.  If you enjoy literotica, she will not let you down.  Full-length novel or novella, she will pull you in and keep you enthralled to the last word.

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