Give Your Man Back His Balls

When I was a little girl in southern Oklahoma, I had a sweet mutt named Rags.  That dog followed me everywhere.  My uncle had other dogs that were bigger (and more elitist) than Rags. They tormented him endlessly.  I was afraid he'd be hurt.  Harvey said, "Girl, leave that dog be.  He knows his nature.  He's cowering...you can't do that in the animal world.  He has to fight for his place."  

Three days later, two of the biggest dogs piled on him and Rags came up snarling, moving faster than I'd ever seen a dog move.  When all was said and done, the other two limped away bleeding.  Rags never cowered again.

Women think their men are like "Sweet and Gentle Rags".  They think they have all the control, leading them around by their dicks for a bit of pussy - that may or may not even be all that good.  You carry your man's balls around in your purse and think you're ten different kinds of clever.  

You sweet, naive little thing.

Men today fight their natures.  Every man possesses the raw instinct to hunt and dominate their prey.  If you have one of those men who just sits there while you bitch and moan, does whatever you tell him, dresses in the clothes you buy, cuts ties with friends because of your over-sensitive ass...you're eventually going to get the "Bad Ass Motherfucker Rags".  The day he says to himself, "Her pussy is not worth this shit."

Why do we strip men of the very things that draw us to them?  Nothing turns me on more than watching guys sweat - we can compare sweat and get all clean together.  You mad?  You want to yell, stomp around, and slam your hand on the counter?  Go right ahead.  I scream, too.  Rough sex has no better place than after a screaming match.  

He wants his friends over?  I'll bring you snacks and watch the game upstairs...I know you'll be all ramped up after hours of nothing but guy shit.  I think there's a competition after the weekly poker game to see which of the four guys nails their wife first.  There could even be a betting pool...I'm not sure.

I've dated/fucked both men and women.  I adore both, I truly do.  I always go back to men because I like that inner caveman every man has - they aren't ANY good without their balls so stop your shit.  

Pull my hair.  Slap my ass.  Make it hurt just a little bit - then maybe a little bit more.  

It's good for both of us to know who you really are, you B.A.M.F., you.

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stephanie said...

I do agree men need to feel assertive and dominate in sex. I have been involved with both sexes and love both have amazing things to offer. However a man that truly knows how to please a woman is very hot.