Closing Time

The doors of the store are locked
Most of the lights are off
Sweeping up and closing registers
Boring but necessary tasks

Clocking out together as usual
Walking through the dark storeroom
Stopping before going through the door
Looking at one another expectantly

Your mouth is on me before I can speak
My hands yanking at your shirt
Kissing urgently, our time is short
Hands yanking my hair from the clip

Fumbling together with the condom
Laying me back on the boxes, exposed
Your cock entering me with desperation
My legs going around your waist

Whispered promises to each other
We know we cannot keep
He waits for me, she waits for you
They are distant in memory for now

I can smell the sex between us
Feeling you pumping into me brutally
Talking dirty to one another
Pushing each other to the limit

I come hard, tightening around you
Telling you I want yours
You approach the brink soon after
Pulling from me and removing the condom

I sit up and take you in my mouth
You can’t contain yourself another moment
Exploding to the back of my throat
As I milk every drop from you

A little longer together, a risk we take
One more time from the back
You playing with my clit this time
Coming together with muffled moans

Cooling down and steadying our breath
Using the restroom to clean up
Kissing hard as we get dressed
Delaying the inevitable separation

Leaving as we should have before
Getting into our separate cars
Driving to our separate homes
To the waiting lives we spend apart

We’re scheduled to work together
Every night this week
To close up the store as a team
And taking selfish pleasure where we can


X said...

Very Nice!!!!!!

stephanie said...

I have worked with co-worker i were attracted too but not ever acted on the impulses...
I love reading this and possibilites that this writer has are remarkable...