What is Perfection?

Finding almost 1,000 like-minded people in less than one week.  People who don't blast me with hate-speech when I post my thoughts or write about what makes me tick (whether they believe the same way or not).

Men who like curvy women and photos featuring more gentle touches than hard-core going at it (which you can get ANYWHERE these days).  Who make me laugh with their honesty and "no bullshit" guyness.  Even men who enjoy the male pics more always weigh in with great comments about the female body or how they think women should be treated.  Each of you are a credit to your gender and it is such a pleasure to see what you're going to post next.

Women who laugh with me about blow jobs and body hair - who, like me, aren't afraid to use phrases like, "I'd tap that" or "I'll take two".  You make me feel like I'm not alone - a gift that can't be measured since we all feel like freaks when we're alone sometimes.  Have we all had our dings in life?  Sure.  But none of you rant and act all bitter.  You make me laugh - you make me think - and I love that.

This past week has truly boggled my mind.  You've made me happier than you can possibly know.  I'm never going to know each and every one of you individually (paired with my horrible memory for names...my "oh, look, a kitty" mentality doesn't help) but I like connecting with you anyway.

Your overall tolerance - no matter what I post, your sense of humor, and your intelligence in discussing any and every topic...I just don't know how I got so lucky.  Even with the bans (I believe I've banned the primary culprit), I can't really stay mad.  Every time I go on - you're making me laugh again.

To each of you who spread the news about my page so quickly - THANK YOU.  This exceeded my expectations in every possible way.  I'm thinking about writing a book about this...no worries - I'd never use names or anything.  It would be fiction, based on what you've shared with me.  I hope you continue to share with me.

Much love,

Shayne M

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