VERY Short Romantic Story: Dark of the Night

Dark of the Night

Gideon stood in the dark, staring at Dominic’s naked back as he slept.  Lean, olive-skinned, and oh-so-beautiful.  His lover trusted him.  Believed in him.  Earlier tonight, he’d betrayed that trust.  He had left his late business meeting and ended up at his old haunt, dancing and drinking like he had before he’d committed his life, his future, to the man before him.  He had allowed another man to touch him, kiss him, suck his cock in the darkened hallway.  Less than ten feet away, another couple groped and gasped in pleasure.  So fucking sordid.

Dominic had blue-black hair and deep blue eyes.  His body was sculpted, stunning.  He was an engineer.  He worked hard and he loved hard.  Completely.  Two years older, a lifetime more mature than the man he claimed for his own. 

Gideon was restless and ashamed, knowing he’d jeopardized the best part of his world.  He stripped quietly in the huge bathroom.  Stepped into the shower to scrub his body of smoke and cologne.  Drying, he moved into the bedroom, their bedroom, and watched the steady breathing of the only man who had ever valued him as a person.  Not for his money, his cock, or his connections.  Just him.  Flaws and all.

Lifting his head groggily, Dominic smiled.  Bright white teeth in a sensually full mouth.  “Hey.  Missed you.”

Saying nothing because he was afraid, Gideon pushed at his lover’s hip, urging him to his back.  Clenching hard thighs, he lowered his head to plant urgent kisses along his hips.  “Gideon.  What is it?”

So perceptive.  Fuck.  “I want to love you.  Please…”  He filled his mouth with the wide crest of Dominic’s cock, needing to stop the words so close to being said.  His lover gasped, hips arching, as Gideon wasted no time taking him deep.  Like silk over steel, tasting slightly of salt and Dominic’s personal flavor.  Needing him deeper; needing the taste of him to erase the flavor of the nameless stranger; needing the sounds of this man’s pleasure to obliterate the memory of his own cry of release echoing down a dark, dirty hallway.

Strong fingers massaged into his scalp.  “Gideon…yes, baby.”  His hips rocked slowly, fucking between his lips and Gideon urged him to go harder, wanting an edge of pain to punish him for his selfishness.  He flattened his tongue, taking the head to the back of his throat, trying to swallow him whole.  Dominic held him back.  He would never hurt him, never allow him to be hurt.  He put Gideon’s needs and pleasure above his own, always.

Refusing to yield, he fought against the restraining fingers in his hair and took Dominic hard, deep, fast.  Another thrust.  Another.  Tears in his eyes and still he took him, sucked him, begging silently for forgiveness.  Moving one hand to knead the balls already drawing up, preparing for release.  The other hand stroking up a chiseled stomach to pinch a nipple. 

“Gideon.  Fuck.  You’re going to hurt yourself, baby.  Careful…feels so good.”  Words bled into moans, Gideon could hear the air sawing in and out of his lover’s lungs.  Felt the pounding of his heart beneath the palm of his hand.  “Can’t stop.  Gideon!”

Heated jets erupted from the throbbing head, coating the back of his throat.  He didn’t stop, couldn’t stop sucking hard and deep, swallowing greedily until he knew Dominic had nothing left.  Still, he held him captive in the hot depths of his mouth.   His hands moved to wrap around narrow hips and a tight ass, knowing he’d made the biggest mistake of his life tonight. 

Fingers stroked through his dark blond hair, soothing now.  Blunt, manicured nails traced his ears.  Then, into the pregnant silence, Dominic’s deep voice, still husky from release, “Tell me.  Whatever it is, we can get past it.  Tell me, Gideon.  Don’t leave it between us.”

His face buried in his lover’s groin, soaking him with his tears, his arms tight in desperation, he sobbed his confession.  Then no words, nothing but the sound of hitching breath, his fear floating on the air as he waited for the only person who had ever loved him unconditionally to decide his fate. 

“I love you, Gideon.  I can’t show you more than I have that I love you.  This is the only time I will ever forgive you.”  His upper body rose into sitting position.  “Turn on your stomach.” 

He obeyed, gasping as Dominic settled behind him, between his thighs.  Coarse hair rubbed against his ass, his lower back.  Fingers gripped his hair roughly, pain sizzled through his scalp.  His lover had never taken him without preparation.  He treated Gideon’s body like a temple.

Not tonight.

“Penance.  Atonement for allowing someone else to touch what is mine.  Do you understand?”  Gideon’s nod was minimal, the grip on his hair so tight.  “Restitution for the hurt you’ve caused me.”  And then he thrust, burying himself in two strokes to the hilt, the burning of the dry intrusion making him sob in pain, in shame.  “This…” Dominic thrust again, no gentleness, holding none of his power in check, “is mine, Gideon.”  Sliding his hand under them, he grasped Gideon’s cock in a tight fist.  “This is mine.  Others do not touch what is mine.”

“I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry, Dominic.” 

He took him hard, so hard, and wouldn’t let Gideon come.  Pumping into him for ten minutes, twenty…holding back his own release to punish the lover who had betrayed him.  Thirty minutes and his last stroke the hardest, the deepest, as hot semen seemed to jet into his heart.  He lay on top of him, his heart thumping wildly against Gideon’s back.  “I’ll take you again in the morning.  For the additional deception of sucking my cock out of guilt.”  The pain in his voice was blatant.

“I love you,” Gideon whispered, his heart in his throat.

A long silence.  “I love you, too.”  A heavy sigh filled with sadness and he was pulling free of Gideon’s body.  “Let’s get cleaned up.  I need sleep.”  He stood beside the bed and held out his hand to his deceptive lover. 

Gideon took it.

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