And the Censorship Continues

Seems Facebook has now even taken my profile picture.  I honestly have to laugh at the blatant censorship of my page.  Considering my stuff is tame in comparison to other pages, this has gone beyond reason.  I'm utterly frustrated.  I've emailed Facebook twice without response.  Anyone have any suggestions? 

Ready to scream, 
Shayne M


jaydubfresno said...

Try posting some different sort of photos for a couple weeks...go under the radar...you mentioned they are tame compared to others you have seen, and it is probably true but they don't have a troll that is complaining I bet. Censorship sucks and I hate that Facebook does it.

Shayne M said...

Hi, Jay!

I think I may switch over to TUMBLR. Though they can have some very hard core stuff to wade through to get to stuff I actually like, I can re-blog without censorship in any way. And you're right. I'm going to avoid posting ANYTHING to Facebook for a while. I just don't understand the problem.

If you don't have a Tumblr account, my photos post to my Twitter which runs in a feed on the side of my blog.

Thanks for visiting - I hope you'll follow me. I post stories and stuff here all the time.