Ladies: Stop Whining and Get a Clue!

I hear a lot of stories about how shitty men are in general.  As a woman with five brothers who rarely gets along with women on a personal level, I feel inclined to come to their defense (they don't give enough of a damn to defend themselves to which I say: "BRAVO").

For the most part, men are simple creatures.  My own husband enjoys the three F's:  food, football, and fucking (order may change at random).  They will generally do their thing, follow their routine, unless something gets in the way of it.  They like routine because they don't have to think about it.  Even those true asshole guys like routine.


  • They do not give a fuck about your decorative pillows, potpourri, or what dishes they're eating off of.  They don't want to spend all day shopping for it, helping you arrange it, or discussing what you want to do next (no matter what they say in hopes of a blowjob later).  Accept it and move on.  You want to "nest" - feel free.  They like shit the way it is.  
  • Talking about their feelings is an exercise in futility since guys prefer action to discussion.  If he's still there, he likely feels fine.  If you put out and/or go down consistently, he probably feels great.  If you feed him and don't bitch at him day and night, he feels like the king of the world.
  • They aren't chicks, will never be chicks, and shouldn't be expected to act like chicks.  He does not care about your silly shit with the new girl at work.  If you want to be emotional on a daily basis, try calling another melodramatic female to share with.  Get it all out, pull on your big girl panties, and get back to your grown-up relationship.  
  • If there is a naked woman within eyesight, they are going to look and likely sport wood.  They are human beings and you're full of shit if you act like you wouldn't look if Ryan Reynolds came walking down the street naked.  You can use this to your advantage or whine about how "you want her more than you do me!"  When you freak out and blow the whole situation out of proportion...YES, he does want her more than he wants you.
  • They do not understand hints.  I repeat, hinting to men is pointless.  Say what you mean and mean what you say or you are doomed to be disappointed.  This is true in all areas of their lives so act accordingly.

Real men will treat you with respect.  They will not hurt you physically or emotionally.  They will take out the trash and try to remember to pick up their dirty clothes.  They might not like your friends, family, or co-workers but they will fake it and deal with it for you.  

You, his kids, his stuff, and being able to look himself in the eye every morning.  Those are his priorities.

And if you're one of those women who wants respect that she doesn't give...I hope your man drops your ass cold.  There is nothing worse than watching a woman completely emasculate her man.  Don't set your man up to fail.  

A few tricks from me to you.  I dare you to try them and see how they work.  Pick your battles because he might not even know you're having one.

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