I watch her across the bar
She came with friends
I notice them not at all

The opposite of me
Not typically my type

She goes to the restroom
I can’t stop myself
I follow her

She stands at the sink
As I enter the room
Our eyes meet fiercely

Entering an empty stall
Groping roughly
Kissing almost angrily

Grinding through clothes
My hand up her skirt
Her hand down my pants

I can’t wait anymore
Sitting on the seat
Pulling her in front of me

My mouth on her pussy
Sweet as I imagined
Her moans echoing

Fingers inside her
Her hands gripping my hair
The orgasm explodes

Excuses to her friends
Alone in my car
Steam on the windows

Returning the favor
I’m so wet for her
She makes me beg

Stripping to nothing
Our breasts together
Grinding in need

Afterward getting dressed
Learning names
Exchanging numbers

A kiss farewell
She goes back to the bar
Glamorous again

The smell of her on me
Her taste on my lips
Never an experience 
Like HER.

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stephanie said...

Love this story very steamy and real...i often fantasize while out about in clubs...being bold enough to try this???
Never have and to read it is inspiring.