Vampire's Kiss

I watch his head between my legs
As he worships every inch of me
Having learned so much in his long life
Pleasing a woman comes effortlessly

Licking me thoroughly
Taking his time, he has nothing but time
Cool fingers moving inside me
Waiting until I am warm and pleased

Opening my legs wide to receive him
His teeth sharp for an instant
Then no pain as he drinks at my core
My release and my life blood

Stopping when I begin to pale
Moving fast above me, into me
Letting him do the work
Too tired to do anything but enjoy

Hard all over, cool to the touch
Smelling like apricots and me
Bringing me up, up, up
Over and over again

Around the room like a rag doll
Every position more erotic
Coming until I have nothing left
Taking a bit of his blood for energy

Feeding from me again
My breasts this time
Licking to seal the wounds
More of him, more…more

At dawn he crawls into my closet
To the bed I’ve made for us there
We fall into sleep
Waiting for the sun to set again

Eventually he’ll turn me
I have to be ready for the Gift
To be with him through decades
Until he tires of me

Life is long, he says
We will take the years as they come
But I will feed as he does
Never death, only blood and pleasure

Young and selfish and powerful

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