Wanted: Cold-Blooded, Ass-Kicking, Shark of an Agent

I'm a very goal-oriented person.  My primary goal since I was 16 was to become a writer.  I used to write the most flowery romance novels you've ever read - awful stuff.  I wrote young adult, children's books, and erotic poetry (much of the poetry is posted here).  

Then a few years ago, I realized I had an entire hard drive that told me I was a writer.  My revised goal was to become a published author.  I started with my first full-length novel "In the Service of Women".    

I was rejected again and again by agents who didn't want to touch my "controversial, niche product".  Why?  Because 85% of the book involves sex between women.  *GASP*  Since I own several compilations geared toward the fem/fem demographic - I knew there were publishers who wanted what I wrote...but first I had to find an agent with some balls.  

Three years ago, I landed an agent.  They LOVED my book (though they said it was not their usual) and angels sang from the heavens.  Two years went by without results - I couldn't get them to tell me who they'd submitted my work to.  I wondered if they had the connections to place a book like mine.  Just in case, I sent other work - it was never read and the silence continued.  

Naturally, my patience ran out.  We parted ways.  I went back to submitting, working with my new book "The Barter System" which is a wide range of straight, bi-sexual, and menage sex (and I loved the plot).  

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

I've decided I'm going to start fresh.  Create a resume about who I am, what I write, a short anthology of the work I think would find an audience...and I'm going to kick ass until I get an agent with teeth.  One who isn't going to cringe when they read the word "pussy" or "cock"; who isn't going to flip out when I write in graphic detail about men fucking men or women fucking women or a woman getting happily tied to the kitchen table to blow her irate husband.  

My work isn't porn.  I don't even write much paranormal.  What I write about is REAL.  Men and women who could live next door to you.  Situations that could truly happen to any one of us.  I love stories about vampires, special ops (which I've done), and different worlds.  That is mostly what I read...because when I write, I want the reader to say, "Oh my God...that happened to me!" or "If I'd taken a chance, maybe that moment I let pass me by would have ended up like this."  

Real.  Raw.  Happening every day behind closed doors to people you probably know.  I'm voyeuristic like that.

Wish me luck!  

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