Morning Sex - Random Thoughts by Shayne M

You're sleeping right now...hard as a rock.  I'm sitting here watching you, waiting for you to wake up.  Your eyes flutter open and you give me that sleepy smile I love so much.  I climb on top of you, positioning your cock against my pussy, lowering myself onto you.  Watching your face as I begin gliding up and down your lovely dick.  Your hands grip into my thighs as excitement and pleasure wash over you.  Leaning over to kiss your face, your shoulders, your neck while I fuck you.  Knowing when you're about to cum and speeding up - building the tension.  You tense, body going harder and tighter as you explode into me.  I clutch your cock, not stopping, not slowing.  Dragging out your orgasm as long as possible, milking you with strong inner muscles.  You give a final throb inside me and I join you, gasping as you take over the rhythm, pushing me on and on.  Later, lying on you as you stroke my back and neck, a light sheen of sweat covering us both.  Having your fingers slide into my hair and pulling my face to yours for an assault on my lips.  The absolute PERFECT good morning.  The day can't start in a better way. 


Jade said...

perfect ....almost better than coffee

stephanie said...

Naw it is Way better than coffee and more satisfying by a long shot!!
I love the way you put this into words and make it all so life like.