One Another

We met in Spain after high school
Fellow travelers on an unknown road
Walking and talking together
Like old friends
Learning about one another

Childhood, family, friends
Aspirations and faults
Making love in hostels
Exploring our bodies and desires
Pleasing one another

Backpacking across Europe
Learning food and culture
Discovering wine and breads
Turning strangers into friends
Laughing with one another

The summer ended too soon
Train embarking at dawn
Falling together in desperation
Licking, biting, sucking
Needing one another

The station crowded and hot
Being shoved along
Finding our train, our taxi
Our flight together to New York
Leaving one another

Traveling on to Vermont
He to California
Opposite coasts and lives
Time passes sadly, slowly
Missing one another

The phone calls dwindled
The emails stopped coming
She wept at her loss and his
The pain immense and unending
Forgetting one another

Listening to insipid professors
Drone on as she daydreamed
Hearing someone call her name
A voice familiar across the quad
Running to one another

Clutching one another
Kissing one another
Whispering to one another
Promising one another
To never live one without the other

1 comment:

stephanie said...

Love has been said to know no bounds and through this read it seems again to have been proven true!!!
Love it and look forward to more reads!!