Kiss My Ass Censorship

Darlings, in response to having two classy, black and white photos removed from my Facebook page, I've created a special page here on Always the Fucking Good Girl for them.  I'll keep adding those photos that speak to me but are apparently too grown-up for social media to handle.  Enjoy the Photo Gallery.  

Much love,
Shayne M


Wicked Chaos said...

Hi Sweetie,
It's Wicked Chaos here. I love your FB page and I know I won't be disappointed here. I have never subscribed to a blogger before, so you are popping my Cherry! Good luck.
Trixie Shellbomb <3

Shayne M said...

Trixie, you make me smile. I think you'll like the blog as much as FB since I can cut loose here. You let me know...

<3 Shayne

stephanie said...

Yes you are my only BLOGGER as well and i think i like it alot!!
I love how you put things into writing and make stories that people relate to.
Keep up the good woorks and you know ____________ FB!!! ;)