Not Enough Time...

Where the hell does the day go?  I have at least 15 fresh story ideas in my head - spent all day yesterday setting up new sites and formulating all my business docs for my freelance content company.  I want to write, I need to pay bills.  The balance required sucks.  SUCKS!

I've found several Indie publishers that won't flinch in horror over some of my more risque stuff...I'll have to find time this week to dive back into the query pool...time consuming, frustrating, and kind of makes you want to just have a drink and say "fuck it".  

Alas, already on the computer (and my second big-ass cup of coffee) since 4:30am and lots to do before my day is over.  Ooohhh, did I forget to mention my teenagers are home for Spring Break?  I'm working for 8 hours before they wake up...I want to smack them and take their pillows away.  Mainly, you know, because I'm jealous.

Happy Hump Day, darlings!

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