VERY Short Romantic Story: The End of the Fantasy

The End of Fantasy

Quietly gathering her clothes, she tiptoed to the bathroom.  Waiting until the door was closed before turning on the light, she faced her reflection with a touch of sadness.  Her bubble of denial could no longer be sustained.  She’d given him what he wanted, what he’d harassed her for over the two years they’d been together. 

She’d enjoyed it.  God knows she hadn’t expected to.  Everything she thought she’d understood about herself was in upheaval.  When he’d met her at the door with a female friend of a friend, Kailey had known why she was there and what was expected of her. 

Tall and blonde, green eyes that seemed so mysterious, she’d been very different from Kailey’s own shorter, curvy stature.  Everything about Kailey was darker.  Hair, eyes, and skin.  Tabitha had seemed enchanted and she didn’t understand why.

Several glasses of wine later, she found herself entwined with Samuel who was familiar, and Tabitha…who had been a surprise in more ways than one.  Sex had never been easy for her.  Vaginal orgasms were only possible with clitoral stimulation and boyfriends complained. 

Yet a gorgeous woman, a stranger, had only positive feedback while they were together, letting her know she’d be extra gentle since it was her first time.  How had she never known how good being with a woman would be?  After Samuel drifted off to sleep, Tabitha had wrapped her in a cocoon of sensuality, whispering softly and stroking Kailey until she was more sexually sated than she’d ever been in her life.  So many times she pushed her over the peak of climax, taking little for herself as she pleasured and encouraged. 

When she was dressed, she bound her hair into a long ponytail and crept through the bedroom to the living room beyond.  Tabitha sat on the couch.  She was dressed and waiting.  “Sneaking out?” she asked carefully.

“I…I need to go.  I don’t want to see him right now.  I have no idea what to say.”

Giving a little half smile, her green eyes bright, she quipped, “How about – you opened a can of worms so deal with it?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”  Even I heard the lack of honesty in my words and couldn’t look her in the eye.  Sighing, I shook my head.  “That’s a lie.  I know exactly what you mean.  I’m overwhelmed and tired.  A little hung over.”

Standing, Tabitha grabbed her bag.  “Let me buy you breakfast?  I promise to listen.  If you have questions, I’ll answer them.” 

The waitress placed coffee in front of them and Kailey cleared her throat.  “I…enjoyed last night.  It makes me want more.”

“But…?” the other woman asked softly.

“Not with Samuel.”  She was quiet for a long time, thinking.  “He’s pressured me for so long.  Made me feel like I couldn’t please him alone.  Now…now I feel like he can’t please me at all.”  Turning, she met Tabitha’s gaze.  “I don’t know what to do about that.”

“I met Samuel through Nicki at the radio station.”  She leaned forward, her gaze unwavering.  “Since he learned I was bi-sexual, he’s talked about you.  How you needed to be pushed into a threesome.  After the Christmas party, I realized you needed someone to watch out for you.  If you’d shown hesitation last night I would have backed off.  Fuck what he wanted.”  Sitting back, she placed her arm over the back of the booth.  “And now, pretty Kailey, I want you for myself.  I won’t push but I won’t pretend either.”

Kailey snorted and stared into her coffee.  “You’re out of my league.”

Tabitha’s hand shot out and lifted my chin.  “Make no mistake, Kailey.  I want you.  I want to show you what you’ve been missing.  What you have a right to demand from every lover – male or female.  No pressure.  I’ll give you time to think about it.”

I did.  I considered what I knew about myself and how every relationship had eventually failed in my twenty-six years.  Temptation was there but so was a need to feel right when it came to sex.  “Slow?”

A grin broke gradually over Tabitha’s face.  “Oh yeah.  We’ll go nice and slow.  I’ll let you get used to the idea before I claim you completely.”

The waitress put down their plates and they talked, learned about one another.  She’d learned all she wanted to about Samuel.  That was done…the end of his fantasy world.  After last night, she had a few fantasies of her own.

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