Why You MUST Read Shelly Laurenston

My family always knows when I'm reading a Shelly Laurenston story.  Every few minutes (or for a long period at one time) I bust out laughing hysterically.  Her shifters are just funny, damn it.  For instance, I'm re-reading my copy of "The Mane Attraction" for the third time and still laughing like a fool.  

I don't own a lot of her books because my conservative local library didn't realize she used words like "cock" and "pussy" in her work and ordered them all in.  Hell, yeah!  I was first on the list and read five in one weekend.  

Great characters (strong as hell), interwoven plots that make sense, steamy sex scenes, and lines I wish to God I'd thought of first...

Don't believe me?  Here are some samples:

"Did you just say my ass was talking to you?" - Sissy
"Again.  It's talking to me again." - Mitch
"And what does my ass say to you exactly?" - Sissy
"I don't know.  It's speaking in tongues." - Mitch

"I'm not having sex with you 'cause you almost died." - Sissy
"Fine.  Hand job?" - Mitch
"No." - Sissy
"Blow job?" - Mitch
"At least let me bury my face between your breasts." - Mitch
"Don't make me hurt you." - Sissy
"If I do, will I get to call you mistress?" - Mitch

Almost every paragraph makes me laugh, the dialogue so clever I can barely contain my envy.  You have to check her out.  Especially if you're in need of a pick-me-up!

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