Late Bloomer

There wasn’t time for dating
A social life managed to pass me by
My teen years were SAT prep
Barely acknowledged among entrance exams

College took my focus then
Becoming a doctor took intensity
Dating was an afterthought again
My early twenties just drifted away

Then I glanced up at twenty-six
Successful but alone and lonely
Unable to fathom how to change it
I’d had no practice, after all

Friends had always thought me unusual
They tried to help with blind dates
Which generally ended in utter disaster
And were best quickly forgotten

The escort service took away the worry
I calmly explained my situation
Asking for a member of their staff
Who could ease the transition for me

I was picked up in a sleek black limo
The Gerber daisies he gave me were stunning
The man who carried them even more so
The perfect gentleman held my hand

Dinner conversation didn’t lag or bore
Then walking along the pier watching the moon
Quiet glasses of wine at my townhouse
His movements toward me non-threatening

He undressed me and undressed for me
Taking his time to put me at ease
I’d never paid attention to my body
He showed me what I’d been missing

Worshipping my skin slowly with his hands
Moved over the same places with his tongue
Giving his every effort to my pleasure
Answering my breathless questions patiently

When he climbed over me, I tensed
For the first time nervous and unsure
He took his time kissing me
Whispering softly, soothingly in my ear

As he nudged my thighs apart
I watched his face closely
I wanted to remember every detail
Tightness, quick pain, and he was still

He smiled, letting me know the worst was over
When he started to move, I finally understood
What the fuss about sex had been about
And he was very good at his job

He threw me over the edge several times
Holding back his own release
Until the very end, when I was exhausted
Only then did he let go, crying out above me

He stayed for hours after, just talking
Leaving as the sun began to color the sky
At last I was truly a woman
And I’m putting the service on speed-dial

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stephanie said...

I think maybe i want the escort service number...lol