Picking the Book to Market...

I created cover art placeholders for my completed work - here and on Facebook.  This is my dilemma:  I have 14 books (novels and novella compilations) that are done and fully edited.  I also have about 20 short stories and novellas that are done but don't really "fit" anywhere, if you know what I mean.  Random thoughts that began a story but totally stand alone.  I'm considering taking those one-offs and submitting them to Indie publishers (online) just to get some exposure - you know, if they don't tell me I suck.  

I need to generate income, I am trying to make that happen through content writing to support my writing habit.  It takes at least an hour or two for each query to an agent/publisher since they all have different requirements.  

My question - I need to submit my strongest book and I'm just not fucking sure which one to go with.  An impact book an agent is going to fucking SELL.  

I love "In the Service of Women" but the last agent had it for two years and nothing happened.    

Commercially, I think "The Barter System" has a little something for everyone.  I need to pick one and stick with it...get behind it and push, push, push.  

I have this feeling...that something is coming that is going to change things.  Maybe if that happens, I'll be able to really focus on getting ALL of the stories in my head on paper.  

Oh, and why the photo with two women?  Two reasons...

1) They're curvy...true curvy in a way that is LOST today.  Thick, beautiful women (like I imagine Robin Schone's and Shelly Laurenston's female characters to be) are a total turn-on.

2) "In the Service of Women" is 85% fem/fem sex.  The blond reminds me of the main character, Sarah (except she's a redhead).  The darker, smaller woman reminds me of Sarah's jazz singer lady-client, Tricia.  

Thinking happy thoughts...

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