M/M Erotica...Yes, Women Love It.

I've been writing erotica for years.  I've never shied away from my sexuality or cringed at other people's preferences, orientations, or straight-up kinks (with the exception of peeing...I do not get the peeing thing). Even as a teenager, sexuality interested me in so many ways (no, not just getting off).  It is an intrinsic part of our basic design as human beings.  Knowing what makes someone tick sexually is often the key to unlocking the rest of them.

In 2009, I discovered erotic stories featuring gay men.  Though I adore my male gay friends, I never thought I'd be turned on by a more detailed view of their lives behind closed doors.  

I was wrong.

I saw ways to feature them in my "straight" erotica that was still (and always) positive while adding another layer to my story.  The result was delicious.  A few months later, I read an article about female authors who are starting to write gay erotica almost exclusively - and one of the biggest demographics who demand more and more of it are - wait for it - women!  

Do you know someone who professes tolerance but makes a face if they see two men or two women kissing in public?  I've known a lot of them in my life.  What about the religious zealots who preach about hell and damnation then get got with a $20 male prostitute in a seedy motel?  Yeah...hypocrite much?

My point is that we're naturally curious about anything differing from our day-to-day.  I'm straight (for the most part...these days), and greedily absorb M/M erotica or menage erotica featuring M/W/M.  

I read it.  I write it.  I love it.  If you've never read it, don't dismiss it out of hand.  If it's done well - I prefer sensual to raunchy - you'll get tingles on your tingles. 



Margie Church said...

It's fascinating to me that the predominant reader of m/m erotica is a person such as you - and I. I never thought I'd enjoy writing a gay male book, but there are many characteristics of gay men that I like. Emotional characteristics that I think we straight women would appreciate seeing a bit more of in our men at times. And I think that's one of the reasons these books resonate with us. the other aspect is it's still a forbidden subject in mainstream media. We are so curious!

Shayne M said...

I never discard anything blindly and that has opened my mind to many new things (in all areas). I've always featured positive gay men in my work since I have so many gay male friends who've made a big impact on my life. I accept them and love them unconditionally...and now I shamelessly interrogate them about their sex lives. It works out - they love hearing about "weird straight stuff" in return. So glad I've connected with you, Margie!