I am imagining you sleeping right now...hard as a rock, but not getting satisfaction...I wish I were lying next to you when you wake up in a few hours...watching you while you slept...until I knew you were rested enough...then climbing on top of you, positioning your cock against my pussy and lowering myself onto you...seeing your eyes open as I begin gliding up and down your lovely dick...feeling your hands grip into my thighs as awareness and pleasure wash over you...leaning over you while you watch me...kissing your face, your shoulders, your neck while I fuck you...knowing when you're about to come and speeding up to build the tension...feeling you explode inside me as I clutch your cock, milking it with unseen muscles, and join you...lying on you as you stroke my back and neck, a light sheen of sweat covering me...having your fingers slide into my hair and anchoring me for an assault on my lips.

The most PERFECT good morning. The day could not start in a better way.

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