When I give, and it seems never to be enough
When I take, but get the feeling I am taking too much
When I try, but it is just never makes a difference
When I speak, but the words are never heard

I want to be selfish

When your needs come first, and mine never at all
When your pain is loud, and mine is silence
When your desire is satisfied, mine left wanting
When your love is a habit, mine an obligation

I want to be selfish

When I tell you how I feel, and you nod patiently
When I tell you what I want, and you say I might get it
When I explain my sensuality, and you hear only SEX
When I speak of my future, and we end up talking about you

I want to be selfish

I find that I am unable to put myself first anymore
I take the crumbs I am given, pretending to be pleased
I allow my desires to be washed away in order to bring you pleasure
My future indefinitely put on hold…until this moment

I am now going to be selfish

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