Lately, I seem to watch you constantly
How you move within your skin
Focusing on the play of muscle in your arms
The tan that entices me to lick you

Strong legs that I want between my own
Heavy calloused hands I need caressing me
A sculpted back I long to run my fingers down
As I grip your ass to pull you deeper

The strength within you, I know so well
You're able and willing to take what you want
Ready to give back to me just as strongly
This is familiar and dangerous to me

The taste of you has become a drug
Feeling you against me, my ultimate desire
Creating excuses to touch you, hold you
Anything to gain physical access to you

I’d trade almost anything I possess
To have you rocking above me right now
Gliding into my body while I watch you
Your skin hot where it touches me

To be kissing you hard and deep
Matching our tongues to the rhythm between us
Feeling the orgasm build inside me
Sensing when you are getting close

My legs wrapped tight around your waist
Opening myself more, wanting you deeper
Your thrusts getting harder, stronger
I arch from the bed and clench around you

A final thrust and silky wet heat inside me
Your muscles so taut before they relax
Your forehead against mine, breathing hard
Our kiss slow and sensual and satisfied

I can wait for this…I think

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