Who Is Shayne M?

Darlings, I get so many questions about me personally.  I'm flattered that you care!  I've tried to answer some of the most common questions here and I've added a photo of myself - in color, as requested.  

I am an erotica author, poet, and blogger.  I've always been very good at pretty much anything I take on...now, I'm even better at being just a little bad.  I currently have four full-length novels completed, eight novella and short story collections, and more than thirty "one-off" stories.

I write fast.  My first self-published title "The Barter System" was a completed draft in six days.  I write well, a fact I wasn't certain of until my work ended up in my follower's hands and they couldn't stop making me feel good.  My Facebook fan page has given me the confidence to truly pursue every dream I've ever had for myself as an author.

I write reality, for the most part.  I know paranormal is viral right now.  I've dabbled in it but it isn't my preference.  You'll see my attempt at paranormal erotica when I upload my "Doorways" quintet...four sets of two stories each that deal with the supernatural.  A male character can't just be "ARMY" - he has to be Elite Special Forces.  Again, I've dabbled.  My novella collection "The Corps" is my version.  

Mostly though, I like common characters.

My work is what could happen to you.  Most of my characters aren't perfect but I'm not sorry when they are because I have deaf characters, curvy characters, and characters missing limbs.  I like to mix it up.

Though I was born on a military base in California, I consider myself a Texan based on the years I spent there, my accent, family roots, and the way I cook.  I'm currently a wife who doesn't hesitate to tell my husband he's being an ass (complete with visual aids of his stupidity).  He does the chores/errands I hate.  In return, I cook him 5 pounds of food and field 90% of teen-related issues.

I'm a mom who wants to protect my kids but refuses to candy-coat reality.  My three teenagers are what I'm most proud of in my life.  I won't send them out after high school believing stupid shit like, "you can't get pregnant if it's your first time" or "I haven't had too much alcohol to drive" or "he treats me like crap but inside he really loves me".  Yeah, not so much.  My kids know what life is and it isn't going to bury them like so many other kids out there.

I'm a friend when you need one but I won't lie to make you feel better if you're about to make a mistake.  I will tell you those jeans make your ass look fat.  I won't pretend to like the same crap you like - we have enough things to bond over.

I have strong opinions and your hurt feelings need to be examined by YOU.  I am not responsible for you being unable to accept me for who I am.  I happen to like who I am.

I'm overweight at present but I won't kill myself over it because you never know...Renaissance could come back!  In the meantime, I work 20 hours a day on a computer in a little office and only get up to pee so when I can work a fitness regimen in, I'll get RIGHT on that.

I smoke because I'm addicted, not to annoy you.  When my mental state is ready for me to quit, I'll do so.  I like comfort over style because I grew up with brothers and never got along with most females.  Guys have it so damn easy.

I love to cook, hate to clean, love animals, hate hypocrites and bad grammar, get too wrapped up in my writing (and reading) sometimes, tend to be a workaholic, and would give you the shirt off my back if you REALLY needed it (you have to be part of your own rescue).

All men and women are created equal - there are no qualifiers after that statement - nothing but a damn period.

I am tolerant of other's beliefs - you want to go to church every day, if it fits in your schedule, good for you.  You knock on my door, we can talk and I'll respect your stand without being rude.  Maybe I'll invite you in for coffee if the dogs aren't being too crazy.

I believe every human being has the right to choose what is right or wrong for their body (inside and out).  From alternative medicine to tattoos to unplanned pregnancy.  I have enough issues worrying about MY body - I don't have time to make decisions for yours, too.

I don't have the right to tell you who you're in love with.  Love crosses all boundaries, social castes, races, genders, and belief systems.  If you are lucky enough to find soul-deep love, I hope you fight for it.

I do not write romance OR porn...I write erotica.  Please understand the difference in the three genres before you read my work and become offended at my explicit sex scenes and lack of "purple prose". 

That's about it.  You know you can submit questions to me here, my Tumblr blog, my Facebook page or profile, or just send me an email at whatshaynewants@live.com.  I love to hear from you.

Much love,

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