A Few More Random Facts About Shayne

By request, here are a few more answers followers had about me personally:
  • I'm definitely a coffee drinker though I refuse to spend a ridiculous amount of money on it.  I buy cheap and flavor it myself with spices. 
  • My best friend’s name is Sarah.  I named the character in my book “In the Service of Women” after her since she’s my closest female friend and I absolutely love her.
  • The last person I spoke to on the phone was my ex-husband (and closest male friend), Jon.  
  • My favorite underthings are geared more toward comfort than seduction (though I have those as well).  Boy shorts and sports bras make more sense when you sit in a house working alone all day. 
  • When I write, I can’t listen to music with too many words.  Therefore, I tend to choose Sade, Enigma, and various classical selections (no, I know nothing about it – I just know what I like) on Pandora.
  • The first thing I notice about people is their attitude.  Does their posture scream “keep away” or do they seem open and friendly?  Since I’m the latter – and have never met a stranger – I actually gravitate toward the former, pulling them out of their grumps and making them smile.  Drives my family NUTS.
  • My favorite holiday is Mother’s Day.  It is my single greatest accomplishment, no matter what else I manage to do in my life.  My teens are incredible.
  • I prefer dark chocolate (if I eat it at all) but my favorite snack is sliced fruit and cheese.
  • I just finished ALL of Robin Schone’s books (again) and am now reading Emma Holly’s “Strange Attractions” for the 3rd time.  When I’m working (ie: last 5 months) I choose books I’ve already read so I can walk away from it.  Otherwise, I’d sit and read it straight through. 
  • No.  I’m not shy in the slightest.  I tend to blush (violently) but only because either a thought that flies through my head or something I said out loud smacks me after the fact.  However, I rarely regret it. 
  • My favorite flowers if purchased are Gerber daisies or mums.
  • Yes.  I was telling the truth when I mentioned I’m well-versed in the mechanics and use of firearms.  I’ve been around guns since I was little and was taught to respect them but know them.
  • Only my ears are pierced and I have one small tribal tattoo on my sternum.

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