AVAILABLE NOW: "Revenge is Best Served Hot"


"Revenge is Best Served Hot" is now available on Amazon Kindle!  Click HERE to buy your copy today!

About the Story:

KC Pennington left her hometown after high school and swore never to return.  Her nemesis, Lincoln Rothchild, realized too late how wrong he’d been to torment her.

Now, seven years later, Lincoln can no longer bear the guilt of the cruelty he and his friends visited on the gentle brainiac and he uses all his resources to track her down.

KC goes by Kiriana now and that isn’t the only thing that’s changed...

She’s grown up in more ways than one and when she makes him a dark proposal to atone for his sins, he can’t say no.  She will punish him but she will not permanently harm him.  At the end of three days, he will be free to go with her forgiveness.  As she wraps him in pleasure and pain he isn’t certain he will ever have the will to leave.

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