Hello, darlings!  I added all the links to follow me - they now appear (huge) on the left side.  I also added the Amazon Kindle link pages to my novels.  Click on any of the book photos or icons and you'll zip right over.

In the meantime, I hope you SUBSCRIBE to my blog so you'll get updates on promotional stuff.  I'm also setting up a contest site for FREE stuff.  

I'm beginning a "Dear Good Girl" portion of my blog where I'll be taking questions or problems from a follower (submitted anonymously on Tumblr - which can hopefully be done whether you have an account or not) and posting my answer.  You can also submit them to me via email - and no, I won't ever harass you.  

Eventually, this will be the material for my podcast.  *wink*

Yes.  In answer to several requests, I'm working to compile content, record without freaking out, and will post the results on YouTube.  

I'm going to be doing press releases and promotions to get my followers and my sales up.  I think you're going to have a lot of fun.  I'm glad you're with me!

Much love,

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