She used to laugh with me
Loved me like no one else
Held me and felt pride
Allowed me to show her worth

She is no longer able to look at me
Finds no joy in my presence
Her rare laugh is hollow
Never reaching her eyes

The young girl she loved a woman now
Complete and separate
Living her life
Love becoming barren in her heart

I remind her of lost opportunities
Places she will never reach
Regrets are all she speaks of
She refuses to open herself to life

The reminders cause physical pain
What she might have been
Places she should have explored
Real men who may have loved her

There is no self respect remaining
All is bitterness and anger
Love locked away and forgotten
Peace of mind abandoning long nights

Pick up the pieces and begin again
Find the moment things went so wrong
Look in the mirror and see yourself
Find your center and walk towards light

It is never too late, Mother