The Dream

I had the dream last night...
The one that wakes me up in a hot sweat
A yearning that I cannot satisfy
One that I pretend does not exist

The feeling of your hands against me
Pulling me into your embrace
Holding me against the wall
Lifting me and sliding me down onto you

Veins are pronounced in your forearms
As you guide my pleasure
My head falling back, tense
Feeling a pressure build inside me

You hold me roughly
But I am not a porcelain doll
I like the feeling of uncertainty
In how this time with you will be

There is no violence between us
Only a mutual respect of power and strength
A kinship of sexuality
Fellowship in high passion

Wanting it and needing it...
Knowing it isn't meant for us
Another time, another place
Without so many complications

But my dream is my domain
No one can censor me there
My freedom for sexual expression
Mine alone...all alone

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