Welcome To The Neighborhood

If you’re a man who buys what you want
I don’t give it away for free
You know I have what you’re looking for
It’ll be just between you and me

There is plenty I can do to you
I am sure to make you scream
I just don't stop 'til the job is done
I’m the cat who eats the cream

Think about it…long and hard
Before your decision is made
Once you go, the offer is gone
You’ll wish you would’ve stayed

A woman like me is hard to find
Who loves what men like best
I have a gift for blowing you
Just put me to the test

I suck…I lick…I nibble
The rhythm is just right
And if you let me feast on you
I’m liable to go all night

Come to the hottest spot in town
You’ll keep coming back for more
I may not be a Stepford wife
But I’m a pretty talented whore

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