My Permission Is Revoked

Fuck being made to "settle"
I refuse to be satisfied with anything less, in any area of my life,
Than I deserve...dues have been paid

Fuck "calming down"
Why should I pretend that I am not angry?
I have worked hard for this fury and it will be given voice

Fuck the fact that I have a "pretty face"
To you a mediocre woman on the surface
While passion burns beneath my skin...constantly in heat

Fuck being "good enough"
I know my value as a woman, a member of the human race
I keep striving for better...and progress is being made

Fuck becoming a "non-person"
With no identity other than someone's mother or wife
Power is roaring back into my individuality

But most of all...fuck ME
For allowing this shit to happen in my life without fighting
No more sucker punches...I am hitting back!

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